Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, Newborn

Well, the demilkification results are in and screaming positive! After only two full days of milk-free living the difference is so huge it's amazing! She smiles all the time now. Great big smiles! She must feel SO much better.... I wouldn't smile either if I had a perpetual stomach ache. Nobody would!

Anyway. New Years was boring and lame, as it always is. Like Caitie said in her blog, New Years always starts with these great plans to be wonderful and romantic and full of nostalgia and bliss... but seriously, who has EVER had a New Years like that outside of Hollywood? The best New Years I've ever had was the year when at the time it was really rotten because the guy who was supposed to be my boyfriend at the time obviously had better things to do than to hang out with me (or even call me at midnight to wish me a happy new year and make kissy noises on the phone) so I went to midnight mass with Caitie and Matt and afterward a bunch of people met up at my apartment (my Sarah's House apartment) where we hung out grumpily, agreeing that New Years is lame, and Caitie and I decided to live together. And she was wearing really cute wellies. This year was just as boring as any other year. In afternoon we bundled Anja in a sling and walked over to the Starbucks on the levee to meet Matt Aiken for coffee. It felt GREAT to get a walk. For the big changing of the year, however, we put Anja to bed early and split a beer. Then Anja woke up about a half hour later and we spent a good chunk of the night driving around in the car trying to calm her down. We went to McDonald's for coffee and orange juice and talked about sad, lonely drunk people on New Years. When Anja finally fell asleep we were well into 2008.

I realize that ever since Anja was born my blog posts have become incredibly boring. I'm sorry about that. We don't get out much though, especially with the cold weather. I'm really looking forward to springtime temperatures so Anja and I can start taking walks. As I told Joannie in an email this morning--I'm not getting cabin fever, I'm just getting fat.

Last night she slept for four hours, woke to eat, and slept another four hours. Fantastic!


Anne said...

So glad she's feeling better!!

I'm not a big fan of New Year's either...

Caitie B said...

Your blogs are NEVER boring! :) Especially when you link to mine! Haha JK! I like how your blogs aren't baby-crazed.. they're still just about your day, which is how it has always been! I love your blog! :)