Sunday, January 13, 2008

Knock, Knock... Who's There?

We got a little bit of a start last night. My family went up to the river and took pictures of the flooded cottages and after dinner they came by to show us the pictures. Mrs. Schap came too. So we looked at pictures and chatted and then they all left and Martino and I went back to cleaning up the house. A few minutes later we were in the dining room and we heard something at the door--what sounded like someone trying to open the door. Assuming that it was one of our mothers coming back for something, I went to let them in. I saw the person at the window and thought, "who is that?" and I kept getting closer and closer to the door until I realized that I really didn't know this person at all--it was a crazy looking man with a long grey beard and big glasses and a hat, and he was trying to open the door!! It FREAKED ME OUT. So I ran back to the dining room saying, "Martin! It's a man! It's a strange man!" Martin peeked around the corner and I guess the guy looked in curiously like, "hey, why aren't you letting me in?" and then he called the police. Martin got his axe and I called Tara to tell her to lock her door, but as it turns out, this man wasn't a robber... he thought he lived here! The police came and arrested him. They took from him a bag full of liquor bottles and emptied them all out in the grass. Then one of the policemen came down to talk to us and said he'd be spending the night with them, that he was reeeaally drunk and trying to find his house. It was kind of sad and funny at the same time in the end, but at first Martin couldn't remember if he had locked the door behind our parents or not. Also, in the end, it was a man Martin recognized as the guy who has come up to him in the driveway before on multiple occasions and asked him for money. But when I first saw a strange hairy face staring it at me, I was very scared!! So that was our exciting night.

This morning after mass we went to Target to do some party shopping. Afterward we sat in the Starbucks out there and had some free drinks. (I had carmel apple cider. It's kind of lost it's fun now that it's the only thing I can drink.) While we were there this big SUV pulled up to the curb and put on his flashers and then this middle-aged man moseyed into the store. I was disgusted. It was 9:00 on a Sunday morning. NOBODY was at Target, there were numerous legal parking spaces ten feet from his car. I became even more disgusted with him when he came in and got a drink at Starbucks. Gross. It WOULD be some Starbucks addict illegally parking for no reason. But THEN, we were watching him and noticed that after he left the Starbucks, he didn't go back to his car... eventually he did... he'd gone shopping!!!! So he had illegally parked on the curb as if he were an unloading vehicle, gotten coffee AND done his grocery shopping!!!!!! And let me clarify: This man was not handicapped. He didn't have a passenger in the car who could've moved it if the firetrucks came. He was just a lazy, lazy man. Ugh! Disgusting!!

I've been hearing a lot of hype for awhile now about the new dollar coins and how they don't say "In God We Trust" on them. But they do. It's inscribed around the edge. I wonder how so many people have missed it?

Baptism and party today... and LOTS TO DO!!!


Joannie said...

I can't believe no one has commented on this crazy story! So I thought I would, at least.

Annie said...

Thank you, Joannie! I can't believe nobody commented either!!! Doesn't anyone else think it's slightly weird that a drunk homeless man TRIED TO COME INTO MY HOUSE?!?! But I dunno, maybe other's lives are much more exciting than mine.