Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Think My Boobs Are Shrinking

Is this normal? Suddenly my chest is not as ginormous as it was (although one side is still slightly bigger than the other) and I don't seem to have as much milk. This is sort of a good thing because it means a few things: A) I don't have such discomfort from my top-heaviness B) I'm not spraying all the furniture every time Anja randomly detaches C) She doesn't nearly choke to death at the beginning of every meal. Now, keep in mind she was for a long time only eating off one side, and on that amount was going hours at a time without eating anymore, and cleary she's gaining plenty of weight, so I know that she isn't starving or anything. But suddenly today on that method she never seemed satisfied so I started feeding her from both sides. Is it normal for my milk supply to suddenly go down like that? I really hope that the lack of MY milk isn't a result of my lack of DRINKING milk, because this could be a really miserable situation.

Also, caffeine is out. We experimented today and it was a bad day. The experiment went very badly.

However, our day wasn't all bad. We went to the Watson's for dinner! Joannie made us a scrumptious dinner of turkey, veggies and potatoes (all deliciously cooked) and we supplied the white wine and the party included Matt Spencer and later in the evening, Dr. and Mrs. Watson themselves! It was great.

And this is all the time I have for tonight. The new baby's name is Julia Noel, very pretty.


Rosemary said...

Hi Annie, It sounds like Anja is still going to get PLENTY to eat. I NEVER had milk shoot out or baby gulping to keep up, but Anthony has gained a ton of weight. You sound like a candidate to donate to a milk bank!! Maybe your body just realized it had a bit too much milk on hand and now it's readjusting supply to fit demand a little better. As long as Anja keeps gaining well, you are good to go!

Anonymous said...

Also, Anthony basically drains both breasts every time he eats - I've never had enough milk on one side. I have a smallish supply but I think many women do offer the second breast for the most part.

Too bad on the caffeine ban!!! At least drink decaf and hope for some placebo effect (on you, not Anja!!).

Sarah said...

That's perfectly normal. Your supply is adjusting to the demand. I generally nurse more frequently on one side (left) than the other. And your lopsidedness we balance out eventually too, but that may take a while!

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