Monday, January 28, 2008

I bought the other Risa Green book, the sequel to "Notes from the Underbelly" which is called "Tales from the Crib." It is not quite as funny, but I've still laughed out loud plenty of times. Saying it's "not quite as funny" isn't at all saying that it's NOT funny... it's just that "Notes from the Underbelly" was the funniest book I've ever read in my life. And how can anything compete with that? Anyway, it also has a certain level of depressingness to it, seeing as this woman just had a baby and is all sad about losing her figure... which is where I am right now. Somehow pregnancy seems really funny because you know that there is a definite end to it. But losing your spare tire? Hmm.... there's no set date for that. Not even an estimated one. (Which is REALLY too bad.)

Martin has been bringing Skittles home for me as treats since I can't have chocolate these days. Although, you know what? I think as soon as she hits 3 months I'll do a small experiment with regular coffee, or maybe a little bit of chocolate. Because I'm afraid I shouldn't drink decaf anymore... I've been paying attention to it, and everytime I drink decaf coffee, she gets green poops. And I don't imagine green poops are very good. So I'll just be careful with it and finish that bag and then I guess I'll just give it all up either until I'm done breastfeeding or until her stomach toughens up.

I'm meeing up with my good friend Alison on Wednesday!!! I haven't seen her in forever and I'm dying to hear about all her wedding plans and her job and stuff. The last time I saw her was when Anja was only about a week old. That was a long time ago!

We went to Target last night and saw Kier. We always see her at Target. I like our Monday night grocery shopping. It's a nice little ritual we have. And we usually spend a Starbucks giftcard on drinks afterward and sit and people watch for awhile. It's really nice.
Anja has been awesome today. She's been soooooo happy, which makes it easy for me to get a lot done! It's fabulous. We went to the library today. I like having the library across the street because it enables me to go out even when I can't really go anyplace because of the weather. Across the street is nothing. And I got a David Lodge book because I think he's funny.


Rosemary said...

Hi Annie, I don't know, do what you think is best, but Anthony gets green poops once in a while and my doc said not to worry about it. It could be just a coincidence that she's had them around your decaf coffee time. And that's a lot to give up if she's not getting the green b/c of the coffee and/or the green isn't really the sign of a problem. . . I read it could be green b/c they're getting too much foremilk and not enough of the rich hindmilk at a particular feeding, but my doc didn't mention that - she just shrugged off the green. for what it's worth! I just figure you're giving up a lot right now!! Rosemary

Annie said...

Thanks, Rosemary! I had looked up the foremilk/hindmilk thing too on the internet, and it makes sense... Anja is the definition of a "snacker" and I also read that if you have a hefty milk supply (um. I do.) it could contribute to that imbalance as well. AND, I haven't had any sort of coffee in a few days and she had a teensy bit of green poop today. So you're right--maybe it's nothing. I figure I'll ask the doctor about it at her next appointment anyway. Just to be on the safe side.