Monday, January 14, 2008

Rice Dream by the Bucket

I'm sitting here eating my Rice Dream treat straight out of the carton. I've been eating it all day. I love it. I'm totally going to look for more at the store tonight and also look for more chocolate ricemilk to drink because I ran out of that too, even though I tried to make it last. Will eating so much Rice Dream make me fat? Not very fast, Martin says... And besides, say I, I have a blue kettlebell which keeps me in shape.

This morning Anja threw up a lot. I worried she was sick. I'm still a little worried about it because she also slept for SEVEN HOURS last night!!!!!!! However, she had a doctor appointment for 10:30 anyway, so I took her in and told him about it and he didn't seem too concerned. She was awake and soooo happy during her appointment, she smiled up at Dr. Beardmore a lot. It was really cute. Plus, she's always naked at her appointments, and I love it when she's naked because she is so fat and cute. She spit up a little more throughout the day and she slept for a lot of the day (except when Kim randomly stopped by and she was awake and happy!) so I'm keeping an eye on her... but she ate when I fed her and she had good poopies, so I won't worry unless it continues through tomorrow.

Seriously! I can't get enough of this Rice Dream!!

Also yesterday a most important thing happened: Anja was baptized! And she was WONDERFUL. So now she is officially a member of the Catholic Church, and I almost believe that until yesterday she was possessed by the devil because she has been so happy since then, it's unbelievable. She was so happy through her whole party too! Then she did have her usual nighttime fit, although it wasn't too intense and I slept through it while Martin walked her to sleep.

Tonight I am attempting to make stuffed green peppers. They were on sale at Target, 2 for a dollar (OH MY GOSH, they are usually $3.99 each at Payless!) so I got some. I'm not sure how to eat stuffed peppers. I guess we'll figure it out. I think the stuffing is pretty good, but it's oniony so Martin might not like it so well. And after dinner we will go to the grocery and to the hardware store.

Oh yeah, she weighs 11lbs 4oz! What a fatty! I'll have baptism pictures to post... sometime.

Time to eat!


Anonymous said...

Shw was possessed by the devil (in that she had no sanctifying grace in her soul)...that is why Father did an exorcism! But now she is full of sanctifying grace and a part of the Communion of Saints and a child of God and all of the good things!
I sure hope she doesn't have that flu that Sarah's family has had. Keep a close eye on my sweet little fatty.

Jill said...

I remember one of my roommates once drank Rice Dream and I thought she was really strange and then she made me try it and I really, really liked it. I actually didn't like it as much as cow milk, but I at least didn't think she was strange anymore. Well, she was kind of strange for other reasons, but not for drinking Rice Dream.

Rosemary said...

Congratulations on Anja's baptism! Welcome to the Church, little one!!

Joannie said...

I thought babies were SUPPOSED to cry at baptisms because it was the devil coming out of them. what does it mean if Anja didn't cry?

Sorry, I just had to say that after reading Mrs Hatke's comment. : )

Ben Hatke said...

wooooooooo! Rice dream!