Friday, January 18, 2008

Choosing Wines

Martin, Anja and I have been invited over to the Aikens house for dinner tonight. Rena has baptism pictures for us! So I went to the store today to get a bottle of wine to take over. Now, I know NOTHING about wine. The first thing I look at is the label to see how cute it is, and the second thing I look at is the price to see how cheap it is. If I find a nice match, I take it. When drinking wine I know that I prefer white to red, sweet to dry, but that's really the extent of my knowledge. I don't even know how to pronounce a lot of them. So anyway, I was at the grocery store today looking at the cuteness of labels, and I found THE CUTEST WINE EVER. It's called "Toad Hollow"!!!!!! And it has this adorable picture of a toad on it, walking along in his hollow!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO ADORABLE!!!! Needless to say, I bought it. I really hope the Aikens appreciate it as much as I do, although I have a feeling it would be a wine better suited for, say, Joannie. I hope it's as yummie as it is cute so I don't feel guilty buying more!

The Italian side of Anja seems to be suddenly revealing itself. She's taken to sleeping all day. This makes for some rough nights. Lucky now it's the weekend. The thing is, when she stays up late she usually isn't unhappy... she just wants to be held and walked around. So the other night I put in a movie and walked around the big back room until shortly after 3:00 when she finally fell asleep. Last night we were prepared to stay up and do the same, but luckily for us she fell asleep at about 11:30.

Martin has been working late this week and will continue the trend next week and the week after until February 1st. Evidently that is an important deadline in the admissions office and after that he won't have to work so hard. It's too bad that he has to work all the time, but at the same time, it isn't going to kill ME. However, our parents don't seem to realize this. Every time our families know that Martin will be gone for dinner, I get phone calls from everybody asking if I'm okay, if I need anything, if I want anything, if I'm lonely, etc. It's really bizarre. Nice, but weird. And the funniest part about last night is that Mrs. Schap called for that reason, and then I wrote Martin and email that was a lot like this paragraph. Not two minutes after I sent the email, my dad called for the same reason. !!!!! I asked if he'd been snooping in my inbox!

So last night when Martin got home we got Chinese delivery!!!!! Sweet and Sour Chicken, Flied Lice, and Eggrolls!!! Yuuuum yum, death in a foldy box!!

Hey, I just discovered a whole lot more styrofoam cups back here...

I basically live on Rice Dream, orange juice, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It's not so bad. At least I know none of those things upset Anja Pie's tummy. Better to have a boring lunch than a cranky baby!

My laundry basket is glaring at me...


LauraSuz said...

That's how I picked out my grandpa's Christmas present one year, buy the label, and he loved it!

Joannie said...

Haha, during the whole first paragraph I was thinking, "That's how I pick out wines!" and then I thought, "I want to try Toad Hollow! That sounds fantastic! What a great wine!!" And then I laughed when you read my mind (as you so often do).

Caitie B said...

where did you discover more styrofoam cups? haha

Anonymous said...

Annie: Shame on you for just eating peanut butter and jelly (which you would not TOUCH when you were little!!). You know you can eat here any night of the week. I'm Italian....I always have plenty! Mange, mange! Last night we had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and, your all time favorite, CORN. AND I would have held grouchy pants while you ate it!!!!
PS I have never tried Toad Hollow....let me know how you like it!

Annie said...

Dear Mama,
First of all, I know how you make your fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Both with lots of milk. (not to mention the milky white gravy.) Also, I shouldn't have said it's what I live on... I do actually make Martin dinner in the evening. I guess it's just breakfast and lunch that consists of PB&J.

I found the cups on a table!! Isn't that great?!

TusaRebecca said...

In my wine class, they said there's no better way to pick a wine than label and price. How can you know if you like it if you haven't tasted it? And, a good wine is a good wine if YOU like it. That advice made me feel not so stupid about choosing wine. Ask Martin to step in the hall the next time he goes to mom's house. There's a bottle of Gazella wine just inside the door. You should have it! For real. I picked it by the label when I was in Portugal and liked it pretty well. I'll tell you the whole story another time. It's funny.