Saturday, January 19, 2008

She Who Does Not Sleep

It's after 9:00 and OUR BABY HAS BEEN AWAKE ALL DAY. I don't know what's wrong with her. I mean, nothing's wrong with her, she's perfectly happy. Just not tired, I guess. She's taken little half-hour catnaps a few times throughout the day, but no real nap. And the reason it's so surprising is because she was up all night again last night! I'm hoping this is a good thing though and that she'll fall asleep (soon) and sleep well all night!

We just watched "Coming to America" and it was really funny. I had never seen it before.

I made steak and potatoes for dinner and I made a lot of both and now I'm absolutely stuffed to the point of sickness. It's the same sick I get after eating roast beef and brown gravy served by my mom. Ugh, it's such a gross and familiar feeling.

Awhile back we put up Anja's mobile that her Ooma gave her for Christmas, and she LOVES it. She absolutely adores it. She also loves her musical pull-toy dinosaur from Mrs. Watson. But you know what I hate about both toys? When Martin comes in and turns on the baby monitor back here and then goes and starts both toys singing their different chimey lullabies and it sounds like a horror movie and it FREAKS ME OUT. Oh, but we should totally record them and send them into All Things Considered for their weird sound segment!

Also Anja today got to meet her Great Aunt Anna May! And she was smiley then too. She's been pretty smiley all day, really, which is fabulous.

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