Monday, January 7, 2008

My Chocolate's All Ricey

Thanks to my sister and sister-in-law, I'm still eating well during this dairy-free period of my life. My sister came to my house today bearing gifts(!)--Chocolate Organic Ricemilk!! What a treat. I'm actually being kind of serious--it doesn't taste anything like milk, but it's good. It tastes like a Yoo-hoo. Much like the Chocolate-Chai Rice Dream (that I get to eat out of the carton all by myself whenever I want because Martin doesn't like it) that Anna suggested... as long as you don't go into the experience expecting something remotely like ice cream, it's a nice little snack. In fact, it's quite delicious!

I don't remember what I posted yesterday, so if I repeat myself I'm sorry.

Yesterday was an experimental day with caffeine. I drank one soy vanilla latte in the morning and had half a coke in the afternoon. Big, big, big mistake. Poor little Anja Lasagna. So that's out and I'm being really careful about avoiding the milky stuff, and today she was a delight to be around! Of course, then my mom came over and she cried a lot... but I think she was just hungry. She was awake for most of the afternoon (catnaps don't count as sleep) and she's still awake and happy now! She was very smiley too... if you kiss her on the lips, she smiles big. Also, she has a set of colorful keys that her Auntie Sarah gave her (on the baby shower diaper cake) and she looooves them. Today she grasped them and got a big kick out of it when she could make them rattle by flailing her arms. She was so smiley today.

I think the baptism is going to be on Friday, around 4-ish or so.... maybe 5. Anyone reading this blog is invited, and if I get my house cleaned (QUITE a job) there will be a little party afterwards, possibly with a pie. Of course, none of this is set in stone, so keep an eye on the blog for the real plans which will inevitably come together at the very last minute.

Here's something depressing. You're all going to think I'm completely obsessed with skinniness and that I have some kind of disorder or something, but I don't... however, I would really like to be wearing my normal size again because I have some cute clothes that I'm starting to miss. Anyway, I was reading "What to Expect the First Year" (which I'd like to have a copy of because I find it much more useful than "...When You're Expecting") which I'm borrowing from the library (very overdue, btw, hope nobody's waiting for it) and it was talking about the age-old debate about breastfeeding in relation to fertility. This book said that for most women, fertility stays away for at least some months, and often until the baby is at least partially weaned. Then it went on to say that fertility COULD return as early as six weeks, if the mother has "substantial fat reserves" and a high BMI (body mass index.) Well. If that doesn't just make a girl feel good about herself. I know I'm obsessing about this, and I know that this whole topic is just screaming "T.M.I.!!!!!" but I can't help it. It's what's on my mind. However, on Sunday I pulled my darker pair of post partum jeans out of the dryer and were delighted to see that they were hanging just the teensiest bit loose!

Oh! Speaking of cute pants! We kind of randomly went to the cottage on Sunday and TusaRebecca randomly went with us and she was going through her clothes up there, and I got first dibs on the Goodwill pile! Along with some cutie shirts, I got a REALLY great pair of brown J.Crew pants that she bought and wore once, only to find them shrink in the wash so much that they were too short on her! Bummer for her--PRESENT FOR ME!! They're really cute.

I'm working out, using my cute blue kettlebell, and one of the things I do is what's called presses, and they're really fun.


Sarah said...

I have a copy of What to Expect the First Year, so you can have it. Glad you liked the Rice Dream!

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