Thursday, January 31, 2008

Twelve Weeks, Twelve Pounds

Yesterday evening Anja suddenly became very congested and started hacking a lot. She had a miserable night of sleep because she was so full of gunk and coughing all night long, so we decided I ought to just take her in to the doctor to be safe. It's just a cold; he looked at her ears and listened to her chest, and he said that there isn't anything else now but to keep an eye on her because it could quickly turn into an ear infection or something nasty in her chest. For the time being I picked up some kiddie Tylenol and he gave me some nose drops for her to make her snot easier to snork. Anja's kind of funny... she seems to absolutely LOVE going to the doctors office. She never cries until it's time to go. She is all smiles and talk when she is there though, it's really funny!

She's become quite the chatterbox too. She makes cute baby noises all day long. Oh, and she has a new boyfriend (shh, don't tell Toucan) whose name is Itsy Bitsy. Her favorite part about Itsy Bitsy is when all the rain dries up for him and he gets to climb back up the spout again. And aside from that, the only song that will make her happy is the Beatles' "When I'm 64."

Oh my gosh. I drove down to Crawfordsville this evening to pick up Martin who had gone to Evansville today with one of the Wabash coaches and didn't get back until about 6:30, and he had a sore throat. So he asked if we could stop by Vienna on the way home where he could get a chai that would feel good on his throat. We did, and he ran in for his chai (and saw Megan Baker) and came out with a treat for me--a vegan chocolate-cherry tart. OH MY GOSH. It was a piece of chocolate cherry HEAVEN. And since it's vegan, it's Anja friendly!! It is DEFINITELY my new favorite dessert, at least for as long as I'm breastfeeding, but it was so good I'm sure it'll stay a favorite forever. I'm actually really starting to appreciate the veganism around this town lately!

So lately we've come into a few random bits of extra money and we've been talking about what to do with it all. Most ideas have to do with home improvement... fixing the lights in the dining room, tearing up carpet and finishing the wood floors, things like that. One idea is to replace our kitchen counters. For those who have never seen them, our counters are white and NASTY. They are ridiculously clean as far as sanitation goes, but to look at them you'd never believe it. They're soooooo gross. But we've kind of come to the point where we're used to it and don't think about what visitors must think when they see our nasty brown counters... so we might be doing something about it soon. Before we no longer realize their nastiness at all.

I've been keeping up with Mike Prangley's blog... tomorrow should be a cozy day!

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