Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let the Cold Wind Blow!

Wow, it's really windy tonight. And snowy. Martin is planning on going into work a little bit later than usual tomorrow to be sure that 231 is well salted before he drives on it, and he said we can go to the bagel place for breakfast!! Yaaaay! This is especially wonderful news because just today I was thinking about bagels and being sad because then I thought about how I have no friends.

I mean, I do have friends. I just don't have any AVAILABLE friends. Everybody went and grew up over the last few years and now I'm all by myself. Tomorrow is my day with the car and I thought, "wouldn't it be fun if Anja and I could meet up with someone at Einstein Bagels after we got back to town?" Then I tried to think of who we could meet up with. And I thought of no one. Everybody is either too tied down, or living in some ridiculously far away place. Joannie's off gallivanting around Europe, Alison has a dumb job, Perkins lives in New Jersey, Anne's in Chicago, and my other three friends (Sarah, Tara and Anna) all have way more kids than I do. I'd like to just have one in-town friend with no job, no children, and no pressing commitments, ever, so I can meet up with them whenever I want. That's how it was when Perkins was in town for Christmas... as long as I could get her out of bed in the morning, she was free for whatever I wanted to do all day long.

Anja has been really fabulous the last few days. She was so incredibly happy all day today. She sat in her swing for SO LONG while I got ready for my day, cleaned part of the bathroom, did the dishes and put away dishes, and started to clean off the kitchen table, and then she finally got bored. The only disturbing thing about her swing keeping her happy is that it keeps her REALLY happy. I think she likes her hanging swing friends way better than she likes me. She just sits there grinning and grinning at this stuffed toucan that hangs over her swing. She NEVER smiles at me like that. She smiles at me, sure, but she doesn't act like she's in love with me like she does with this toucan. It's kind of depressing.

She's been really good all day, but now it's 9:00 and I really want her to go to sleep. She isn't going to sleep though. She's lying in Martin's lap, smiling. She is far away from dreamland.

Anyway, that's it. I'm pretty excited about bagels tomorrow. Some kind of cheese-less bagel with no cream cheese, but whatever. And no decaf coffee cause they don't have non-dairy creamer at the bagel store. But whatever. I'll live.


Anna said...

Annie you DO have a friend. I stopped by to see if you wanted to go to TWO TULIPS!!!!!! with me and JUUUUULIA but you either were out or sleeping. So I guess it was TOO bad for me. BOO HOO.

But I did buy some stationary so I just might send you a sweet sweet letter soon.

Anne said...

Oh trust me Annie, I no longer have any pressing commitments and so, so wish I could just buddle Charles up and meet you for bagels. Stupid Chicago-land for being so far away from home.

It was extraordinarily windy here last night too...I thought this building might blow over!!

Annie said...

No way!! I am NEVER out, and I am hardly ever sleeping!!!!! I must have just been unable to hear the door. If you come to the kitchen door and I still can't hear you, you can always come knock on the very back door, because most likely I'm back here in the big back room. I won't be able to let you in because the back door is tied shut with a piece of rope, but I can wave to you and then let you in at the kitchen. I am so bummed that I missed you!!

I know, what rotten luck (for us, socially) that as soon as you get to stay home, you move away! But, it IS a good thing that you get to stay home and that Peter has a job... even if we can't go to bagels. *sniff*

Sarah said...

My kids LOVE Einsteins! They beg to go there, so if you ever have another craving, just let us know!