Friday, January 25, 2008

To Be a Housewife

First of all, what is WITH everybody and their no-posting habits? Are the bloggers on strike or something?!? Seriously! How am I supposed to know what's going on outside my house if nobody blogs?!?

The other day on Anne's blog someone made a comment about being a stay-at-home-mom and "think of all the things you can do, read, knit, etc." (I forget the exact quote) and I thought to myself, "jeesh, I WISH I had time to do all those things..." well, today I get to! My mom just called and told me my sister is picking me up in a few minutes and we're all going up to my mom's house to sit in front of the fire and knit. How nice.

Ever since our major cleaning spree the day of Anja's baptism, I have taken a lot more pleasure in my housework. It seems much less overwhelming since starting from a clean slate. Also, I've finally found my routine and figured out when I can get things done with Anja, what things to do while she's sleeping, etc. It's working out pretty well!

Also being a housewife makes for finding humor in really lame things. For instance, tonight I think it's funny that we are eating a lot of chicken for dinner because when I got the chicken breasts out to thaw, they had all melted and refrozen together. So we're eating half the bag instead of the usual two pieces. And when I washed the sheets this morning I found in with them a pair of underwear that I haven't seen in a really long time and I realized they must've been made in with the bed last time I changed the sheets (you don't really want to know how long ago that was.) This struck me as hilarious... a clue that I don't get out much.

But being stuck in the house isn't so bad in the dead of winter, and once springtime comes, Anja and I will be all over town having all sorts of fun. I can't wait!

Hooray for ROOIBOS tea!

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