Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thanks, Yo!

I had lunch with Joannie today! She came by and picked Anja and me up after the noon mass. Anja woke up earlier than usual today though, and as a result, I wasn't able to take a shower. So finally a little after 11:00 I called my mom and asked her if she'd come down and hold Anja so I could get ready. And she did! And I have to say, Anja looked really cute today in her ruffly-cuffed blue jeans, pink sweater and pink socks with her little sheepskin booties!! Joannie and I went to T.G.I.Friday's and had a swell time. And Anja was PERFECT. She was awake and happy when we got there and then, without so much as a whimper, she zonked out in my arms and slept for the entire meal. Then on the way home she made the most miniscule fussies, and was fine by the time we got home! It was great!

Oh, another thing about my mom: for Christmas she got all of us girls a pair of wool tights. Mine are multicolored stripes, VERY cute, but most of all, they are so comfy and warm! And they are not tight up at the waist, they are just normal fitting. They're the most comfortable tights ever. And really great for a one-degree day!

Funny how once you can't have something it makes you want it all the more. For example, I suddenly have this crazy desire to go see a movie in the theatre. Um, hello? Martin and I never did that before we had kids. I think we've seen a total of 5 theatre movies together in our lives, and that includes our highschool days. Why the sudden craving now? Oh, because I can't. And foods... fettuccini alfredo... it's NEVER been something I've particularly enjoyed, but suddenly I want it worse than anything. What's WITH that??

This is what my husband does while he's at work: He says one of these would improve my quality of life. I think he thinks one of the reasons I never leave the house is because I'm afraid to nurse in public. Or maybe it's because every time we go on a "date" I spend the majority of the time in the handicapped stall of the ladies room feeding Anja. And, he might be right. And they are very cute...

I am more than ready for the warm weather to arrive. I'm ready to burn off the rest of my belly by taking long walks. One of the first places I'm going on our long walks is to the West Lafayette library to get a library card over there. That way if the convenient library doesn't have what we're looking for, the better library will.

Let me spend a moment talking about my laundry. Remember the All Free & Clear? Out. Tide? IN!!!! My clothes actually smell good again!! And a lot of the spit-up stains are coming out! I had seriously forgotten what it was like to not smell like baby barf. Aaah, it is a good feeling. I've spent too much of my day today sniffing my shirt sleeves and just enjoying it.

Anja didn't take any really good naps today, so I'm hoping that means she'll sleep well tonight. It's never been that way in the past, but you never know. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

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Joannie said...

One of my friends from Christendom makes those things! I saw them before I knew she made them, and then I got really excited when she was telling me that she started her own little business making them. Unfortunately, I don't have her email address. Her name is Anita Torzala. Maybe she's on Facebook. Hee hee!
She probably sells them cheaper than the original company!