Friday, March 7, 2008


Hooray! I ordered some bloomers for Anja and they came today! They are so cute. And soft. And they have eyelet trim around the ankles. !!!! I am so excited for her to wear them! I think I might have to change her clothes after lunch. Yesterday was Anja laundry day so she has all clean clothes now. On those days I always find myself hoping she'll poo through her clothes just so I can change her into another cutie outfit. I love dressing her. Except for this morning when I tried to put her in this really cute yellow shirt with bows on the sleeves, and she got stuck in it (there were no snaps in the back) and it was kind of a big ordeal so I decided she just won't be able to wear that yellow shirt. Ever.

She is SO CLOSE to rolling over. Just now I was watching her on the floor and I thought she was going to do it. She rolls all the way to her side and looks like a little owl with her head on backwards, she's so close!

Martin was supposed to stay late at work yesterday but he called me in the afternoon and said he was just too tired to make calls all evening, so I went and picked him up at the usual time. For dinner we had half a chicken. I made it in the crock pot and my final opinion is that that was a mistake. It made the chicken super tender, but it was a little bit yucky because the skin was all slimy. Anyway. I don't think I'll do that again but it'll turn out fine because I saved the other half to make chicken and noodles on Saturday.

I'd kill for a vanilla chai. So creamy and warm and delicious. I can't wait till Anja gets over this milk allergy.

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