Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm Pretty Much Obsessed with Facebook

So in case any of you haven't noticed, Facebook has a new feature: "People You Might Know." It's AWESOME. I have so many more friends on Facebook now!!!!! All people from highschool, and I love it; now I can find out who is married, engaged, single, parents, etc. So many people seem to be in Europe, too. Hardly anyone is around Lafayette anymore, which makes me feel only the slightest bit like a loser, but oh well.

So I feel like with all this dog excitement I haven't bragged about my baby enough as of late. So this is just a little blurb to let you all know that you WISH you were as lucky as I am to have such a fabulous child. She's so great. And cute. And perfect. She just hangs out with me all day. She's so much easier to take care of than the dog because she has no interest in eating trash or pooping on the floor or chasing the cat until he attacks her.... I know that all these things are inevitably coming within the next year, but for now, she's pretty much the best. Today she is really stylin' too, in her dark blue jeans with the hems cuffed up, polka-dotted onesie and pale pink sweater with matching socks. She really looks super adorable.

The dog is very slowly learning. She's a good dog, she is catching on really quickly to everything EXCEPT going to the bathroom outside. When it's time to put her leash on, all you have to do is pick it up from the bowl and she comes trotting over (calmly) and sits down for you to put it on her. When she comes in, she sits down at the same place you put it on so that you can take it off. She's really good!! And she seems to really know when she's done something bad.... when I put her in her cage because I've caught her pottying on the floor, she doesn't whine and cry. But when I put her in her cage after taking her out to potty and she hasn't gone, she makes a big scene. It's funny. She really seems very smart, and she still doesn't try to go upstairs even though she could obviously get past the chair VERY easily, considering she's almost 40 pounds and she just crawls under the gate.

I'm driving Martin around these days and it's not so bad. It's a pretty freeing feeling to have the car every day. The only bad thing about it (aside from how much it costs to drive back and forth to Crawfordsville every day) is that it makes dinner hard to plan. Yesterday I made a chicken in the crock pot with carrots, onions and potatoes. It would've been a good dinner and it made the house smell delicious. But Martin stayed a little late at work so by the time I went to pick him up we were both absolutely starving. I called him on my way down and told him I was going to stop and get some french fries at McDonalds for us because we were both so hungry. He suggested I wait for him, so I picked him up and by that time we were even MORE starving, so we ended up getting a ton of food at McDonalds... and came home feeling like death. Needless to say, we didn't eat the chicken. I thought about eating it as-is tonight, but I seemed to have a lot more time this afternoon than the past few days so I tore the chicken apart and am making chicken and noodles instead. I kept the potatoes and carrots and solidified grease in the crock pot in the fridge, so I'll probably make some stock out of that and we'll have soup this weekend. Last winter I'd make a big pot of soup every Friday or Saturday and that would be our food for the weekend.

Okay. I'm so obsessed.... I just HAVE to go check facebook again....

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Anne said...

oh and I like that new application too. I've just added loads of friends!