Friday, March 21, 2008

Take Two

Last night I had a whole post written, but then when I tried to post I realized I was still signed in as Martin, so the post had never auto-saved and then when I tried to post it, instead of asking me to sign in on a separate window, it just told me that I couldn't post and the whole thing disappeared. How frustrating!

Someday when we are rich I will have a little baby bulldog named Hugo and he will be very wonderful and rolly-poley. Yesterday when Martin got home from work we went straight out to Petsmart and got everything we need for Karenin. While we were there we saw TWO different bulldogs!! One was all grown up and stumpy and wonderful, the other one was just a tiny little ball of a puppy. I melted. Martin practically had to mop me up from the aisle floor with those paper towels they provide for piddle accident. It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my entire life. I had never seen a real, live baby bulldog until yesterday. *sigh*

But for now, Karenin is the dog for us. With Karenin we are guaranteed to have a super great summer. Anytime we say, "let's go to the trails at Prophetstown" and then start to be lazy about it, we'll remember that Karenin needs a lot of exercise, and off we'll go. Anja and Karenin and I will take walks all over the place together. We can walk up to Columbian Park on nice days, when we get a good stroller. It'll be fabulous!

I know Martin is excited to have a dog because last night he was walking through the living room dragging the empty harness along the floor by its leash saying, "c'mon, Karenin!"

After Petsmart we came home and ate some quick dinner then packed up to go to the Holy Thursday mass at St. Boniface. Anja was not the happiest baby in the world when we left, so it's not surprising that an hour into the mass she was inconsolable. She has a rotten cold; her nose is completely plugged up and running like a faucet all at the same time. And she has a little cough and runny eyes. It's sad. She's a pretty good sport... for instance, this morning she is her usual self except for the noisy breathing and coughing, but she took a three hour nap yesterday which would've been longer, had I not woken her up to see Laura, Anne and Charles who stopped by! (yay!) So anyway, we stayed an hour and then she couldn't stop crying so we left; as soon as we put her in the car she fell asleep and she slept from then until 6:30 this morning without waking up once. The poor little girl.

So today I might try to walk over to the Good Friday liturgy. It depends on the rain and how Anja seems to be feeling. If she's asleep, I won't go. And if it's absolutely pouring rain, I won't go. But Martin left me his raincoat to wear just in case, so I can put her inside it. So we'll see how the morning goes and maybe we'll be able to head down for at least some of it. Too bad the weather isn't like yesterday--that would make today a lot easier!

Speaking of yesterday--Anja and I took a long walk. After Charles and the girls left I packed her into her Snugli and we walked all the way around the movie theatre and back. She fell asleep on the way home, but she was happy the whole time. That's the farthest I've gone on a walk with her. I keep pushing it a little further every time. She LOVES walks though; I think I have nothing to worry about. And whenever we get a stroller I'm sure she'll love that too. Then she'll be able to see EVERYTHING!!

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Joannie said...

have you ever noticed Good Friday's weather is always miserable? It's fitting! It was raining all day here in Rome.
I would like to hope that tomorrow's weather will be nice, then, with that logic... but we'll see.