Thursday, March 6, 2008


Now that Anja's started getting up a little earlier, I've come to really appreciate our mornings. I like sleeping in a little bit on Saturdays, but in general I'd rather have an early start to my day. Lately Anja's waking time has been between 6:30 and 7:30, which is pretty great. Martin and I can have tea together in the morning and Anja is so happy right when she wakes up it's nice for Martin to get to see her then, as opposed to only seeing her at the end of the day when she is most often a huge crabcake.

So she's sleeping well and waking at a good time, but we really need to do something to remedy her bedding situation. She's been sleeping in her swing at night for a week or so now, since she grew out of her bassinett. It's been working fine until the past two nights. She's getting to be quite the wiggler when she's asleep and a few times last night I woke up in the night and looked at her to find she'd almost fallen out of the swing! Not that she'd get hurt--it wouldn't even be labeled a "fall" in my book, considering the swing sits about two inches off the ground. She'd just slide onto the floor. And she was in the midst of doing just that when I woke up and noticed, and scooped her up and fixed her back into the seat. I guess I could buckle her in... but that seems kind of lame. Besides... she obviously shouldn't be having a swing for a bed. We need to figure something out.

But we seem to be too afraid to put her in her crib. There's always an excuse for us to push it off till tomorrow. We can't fit a crib into our bedroom, it's just impossible, unless we totally rearranged the house by taking half the bedroom furniture down to Anja's room and then move her crib upstairs.

Anyway. Sorry for this horrendously boring post. The thing I was first going to say anyway wasn't about the sleep situtaion. It was about her cuteness in the mornings. This morning she woke up all happy and I picked her up and she had wet through her jammies. It was so early in the morning I didn't want to dress her for the day yet, so I just put her in a longsleeved onesie (the kind that buttons over the chest) and these funny pink cotton pants with little ruffles at the bottom. She looks so cute and morningish! Right now she is trying to eat her toucan. She's gotten to the put-everything-in-your-mouth phase so her face is constantly covered in drool. But she still doesn't roll over.

Last night Martin went to Evansville for some fancy-pants dinner. I just wrote out what it was all about and how mad I got over some of the kids who'd been invited and didn't show up, but then I thought maybe I shouldn't be writing about Martin's work on my blog. But to make a long story short: teenagers are dumb. Really, they have no manners! Ugh. Anyway, Martino didn't get home until 2:00 in the morning!! So that was kind of a bummer but oh well.

We have the car again (Anja and I) but I don't know if we have anywhere to go. Last night to get her to sleep I didn't even try to be patient--I was all by myself so I put her in the car and drove out to the Starbucks with the drivethru and got a caramel apple cider. When I got home, she was asleep!

Boy, this was a lame post.

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