Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Garbage Girlfriend Day!

Last night we had to drive She Who Does Not Sleep around for awhile and it was a fabulous night to do that. It was all rainy and cold; since I am the primary driver these days, I got to go to Vienna and order Martin to go inside and get himself a chai. Sometimes it's good to have power. Anyway, I wore my cozy Wabash sweatshirt and it was all rainy and nice, so I thought today I'd play Garbage Girlfriend and be scrubby for the day. I was under the impression that it was going to be another rainy day... but it looks as if I was wrong; the sun is shining very brightly.

Also last night, we went down to K. Dee's coffeeshop where Kim and George were playing. I played a little bit too, which was nice. It was a fun time! This is a picture of Jerry holding Anja. Jerry's very tall, and he joked that Anja was having a nose bleed from being up so much higher than she'd ever been before. She liked Jerry okay, but her favorite is Uncle Kim.

This is Anja's new high chair!
She was very smiley when I was conducting this photo shoot. She's such a good sport, putting up with me and all my messing with her, just to have cute pictures to put on my blog and on Facebook.

When I was pregnant people warned me that after the baby was born my hair would start thinning out. I believed everyone, but I thought it was going to happen in the first six weeks or so. WRONG!! It's just now happening, and it's G.R.O.S.S. Huge wads of hair come out every time I comb it after my shower in the mornings. It's reason enough to have it all cut off again. It seems like my hair grows so fast lately... I'm already wearing it up most of the time now.

Okay, so Karenin is a great dog and all, and she really seems to like Anja, but maybe a little too much.... whenever she is playing with her squirrel toy and Anja is playing with her jungle toys, Karenin wants to be RIGHT NEXT to Anja. This becomes a problem since Karenin is so ridiculously clumsy and about four times Anja's size. I try to keep them away from each other, but sometimes it's hard.

Here are some pictures from Easter. Andrew & Martin chatting it up, and my nephew, Elton Joh... er.... PeterXavier.

Pretty cute, huh? The picture at the top of this post is of Martin and me in the Big Back Room. I was messing around with the timer on my camera. In fact, I was messing with my camera all night long, taking pictures of everything; I think he was getting annoyed with me. Anyway, here are some more samples for you:


Anne said...

I love the photo shoot. You and Martin took some lovely pictures together! I wish Peter would let me post more pictures of him!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Annie: That last pic of Martin makes him look like a serial killer.

But that one of Anja in her high chair is priceless!

LauraSuz said...

Jerry seems to be a one-of-a-kind dude.

The new highchair looks great! Not to mention the babe in it...very cute picture of her!

Joannie said...

As I was looking at the pictures, I was thinking, "I'm going to comment, 'Annie, you have really pretty eyes.'" Then I got to the last picture of Martin and got freaked out by his eyes.
But you still have pretty eyes.
This isn't making any sense. You can tell it's late here.