Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Dog is an Awesome Dog!

She poops where we want her to!

Get it? You can sing the words to the tune of "Our God is an Awesome God."

Okay, I think it's official. We got the best dog in the entire universe. She is so cool. And sweet. And gentle. And smart! All we had to do was start giving her treats every time she potties outside, and now, no more accidents!! But she's getting better than that, even... she started dragging this old leash around the kitchen and dining room, which is where we put her leash on and take her out. Now I might be giving her more credit than I should with that, since it wasn't her leash, but whatever. Martin took her out then and she pooped. Because she's awesome.

But besides that, she's just so gentle and sweet. My mom has been coming over the past two days to hold Anja while I can spend a good amount of time in the yard with Karenin and maybe take her for a walk, and Karenin is so NOT psycho. She doesn't jump up on my mom and she mostly just lies down and sleeps while we talk. She's super gentle with Anja, the worst he does is sometimes nibble on her hands, which I'd rather she not do, but she isn't BITING. She licks Anja's face and Anja laughs. It's so cute! And today she only went in the house three times, other than that it was ALL outside. I'm looking forward to the weekend when we can really concentrate on her and maybe she'll finally get it down.

How about Anja's lack of interest in rolling over? I think she definitely inherited MY level of motivation and not her daddy's. She couldn't do it, and her attitude is "meh. I don't really need to roll over anyway." Speaking of our little pie, she is right here, wide awake, playing with her jungle friends and dirtying her diaper at the same time! How lovely! But isn't it nice that Anja can lie on the floor and flail her arms and legs and make her little rattles and bells sound and the dog doesn't try to eat her? The dog is WAY more interested in eating her grunting hedgehog toy, and running back and forth down the hallway.

Tonight we went to Barnes & Noble for their Tuesday night knitting group! TusaRebecca, Mrs. Schap and I all went (although I got there half an hour late) and there were only two other ladies there, both B&N employees, so I hope that next week my mom and sister and Tara will come. It could be a super fun weekly thing. TusaRebecca is making a really cute knit shirt in the prettiest shade of red. I really like the color. Way better than the color they modeled the pattern with in the magazine. And I am working on finishing up Anja's teddy bear. But I think if I go every week, I'll be able to get it done in a fairly short amount of time! I'm a pretty fast knitter, considering my low skill level, and with Martin there to keep Anja entertained (or in tonight's case, Mrs. Schap, who promptly put down her knitting and held Anja for most of the evening!) I'll have no problem getting the bear done.

I'm super excited for summer. I can't wait to strap Anja in a carrier and head down to the Farmers Market on Tuesday mornings. I can't wait to take long walks up to Vienna and Borders and Von's. I can't wait to plant flowers and vegetables and take Anja outside in a sunhat while I work in the yard. It'll be so great.

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 I'm meeting up with my friend Alison at Vienna! That'll be great because Anja will sleep in the car while I take Martino to work and then I can come home and change her (or let her keep sleeping) then go on over to Vienna and she should be happy the whole time. Oh, as if she's ever unhappy anymore. I have the happiest baby in the world, she just smiles all the time and she only cries when she's hungry or dirty, and on the rare occasion that I leave her with her Ooma. And hey! She's trying to roll over again! Failing... but trying all the same.

She's also kind of fussing which must mean it's getting close to her bedtime.

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laurasuz said...

Now I HAVE to come quilt again so I can meet your new dog!