Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's a Freaking Gorgeous Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anja and I took a walk today! A long walk! A walk that could've been even longer than it was!

So yesterday I kind of freaked out in the morning. It was a gorgeous day and I so wanted to take a walk with Anja but she seems to absolutely abhor her carriers. Which is pretty disappointing since they have all be generous gifts to us from people and are really nice and expensive and ergonomically correct and given with much affection. So yesterday, desperate, I drove out to Once Upon a Child and I bought for $10 a Snugli carrier which allows Anja's legs to hang straight down in the front instead of splitting them off to the side to wrap around my waist. As soon as we got home I put her in it and headed out--not a peep. She loved it! We walked up to K. Dee's coffeeshop to see Kim and then home again and it was a gorgeous afternoon and I was so happy that she was happy to be on a walk. While I was out I also bought for $12 an umbroller at Target. Martin and I figure we'll need one soon enough and she might like it better than the carriers sometimes so she can see more of the world. Especially in the summertime when it might be kind of hot to be snugged up against us on a walk.

This morning we woke up to another gorgeous day! So as soon as it hit 50 degrees, we were out. It was soooooo nice. We went to a new antique store on Main Street which seems to have really good prices. That's a rare thing. We poked around there for awhile then walked on across the bridge. I went into Borders, but she didn't like that--she wanted to be outside. Silly me! The only reason I went in was to give her a break from the sun! She was so happy to be on a walk. And it's so easy to just strap her to me. I stuff a burp cloth in my purse and hook her blue rings to one of the straps and she keeps her hands busy by grabbing the rings while she watches the world go by. It's really cute. And I can get some exercise! However, I think I can safely say that the Snugli is the worlds most uncomfortable carrier for the one doing the carrying. But it's worth sucking up my own discomfort for awhile until Anja's legs get a little longer and we can use the better carriers. At least this way we can get out!

Also, the sleep thing seems to be fixing itself. It helped that yesterday was Annie Car Day; I was careful to have her completely ready for bed at exactly 8:30 when we left to pick up Martin. She fell asleep in the car as I had hoped and when we got home I did a quick switch, carseat to swing, and she slept fairly well for the night. She is just too small and wiggly for the swing now though. She wants to lie on her side and can't do that so she fusses in her sleep a lot. Then I'll pick her up and she'll be fine. So she's technically staying asleep, but it kind of keeps me up all night looking at her, making sure she's not wiggling right out of the swing or something. So this morning I figured it all out. Mrs. Schap gave her a twin sized wool blanket from Ireland last time she went and it's really great, and it belongs to Anja. Of course, it'll be awhile until she's in a twin sized bed... but folded up it makes a perfect little soft bed for her! So right now she is on that with a quilt on top asleep in our bedroom, and so far so good. She did wake up once after about an hour but she always does that during her naps. I think we're all set! And back on track with the sleep schedule!

I got some Snapfish prints today, that's very exciting!


LauraSuz said...

You walked right passed my work. You should have stopped in!

Anne said...

we just got back from our first walk of the season!!! it IS gorgeous outside!!

Annie said...

Laura, I know! I almost stopped in... But then I didn't know if you'd be right inside the door as I assumed you would be, so I chickened out. Next time I will stop in!