Monday, March 24, 2008

Hitting the Jackpot... and Not

First of all, while I'm still angry about it, the "and not" part of the post. Way back in the fall, Martin hit a deer in one of the Wabash cars when he was traveling. Minimal damage to the car, the deer died, it seemed things were taken care of. A few weeks or months later I backed into that car in the parking lot. Minimal damage, nobody died, and it seemed things were taken care of. Then one day in the mail we randomly got a notice from the BMV asking us for proof of insurance on our vehicle. We assumed it was for my parking lot fender bender. Well, I took the stuff down to our insurance place to have it all taken care of and they said they didn't have any record of the accident. I told them we hadn't called the police or filed an insurance claim because it was nothing, we just wrote the people a check. She accepted that and signed the paper to be sent in to the BMV. Shortly after that we recieved another notice saying they didn't need information from an '04 Chevy, they wanted info from an '07 Buick. Well, we don't HAVE a Buick. And my parents have buicks, but we don't drive them and they aren't '07 cars, they're much older than that.

Finally, Martin figured out that they were wanting information from the deer incident; they wanted the college car information. So all he had to do was take the form to the motorpool and they said they'd sort it out. And that was the end of it.

But now, on Friday we recieved a notice saying that Martin can now reclaim his driving rights. ?!?!?!?! His drivers license has evidently been suspended all this time, and nobody told him!!! They say he has to pay $150 to get it back!! So he contacted the BMV today and as he'd suspected, the motorpool never sent in the information. What a bunch of screw ups!!!!!! If Martin has to pay even one penny, I am going down to that motorpool myself and letting them have it. And what happens if he gets pulled over for something?? He'll get arrested for driving without a license!!!

Anyway, on to better and brighter news. We seriously hit the jackpot with the dog we got. She is awesome. Reeeaaallly bad at potty training, but stupendous in every other area. Great with kids. Great with Anja. Great with company! Understands what is hers and what is not hers after only a few times of being told. Doesn't get on the furniture. Just kind of hangs out with us. She's wonderful!!!

...except for the pooping in the house thing. So far today she has ONLY gone in the house. Very unfortunate. But how can I complain when she is so great in every other area? She's just a puppy, I'm sure she'll catch on sooner or later. She's even a good walker, without pulling.

Easter was wonderful, as always. I love, love, loved the trumpets at the 9:30 mass, but unfortunately, Anja does not share my passion for trumpets... at least not when she's asleep and they start playing. She cried through the opening song. However, she is an awesome baby and was completely fabulous all day long. She was cheerful ALL DAY, running on only a one and a half hour nap in the middle of the day!! She was great until 8:30 at night when she started crying, so I dressed her in jammies and put her to bed and she slept fairly well all night. It was fabulous!! What a good baby.

Martin just called me. Everyone at the motorpool swears they turned in the insurance stuff, so now they are contacting the insurance people to see if the fault is theirs. Until this gets resolved I will be driving Martin around in true girlfriend-of-a-criminal fashion. Unfortunate for us because that gets expensive... but better than risking the consequences of getting pulled over before this gets worked out.

I think I should bundle Anja up and take the dog out again.


Anne said...

Did you get all the license stuff figured out yet? What a pain! Your new puppy is cute. And it was good to see you and precious Anja last weekend!

Annie said...

It was so good to see you too!! Thanks, the new puppy IS cute, although she is a handful. A puppy is so much harder to take care of than a baby. The license stuff is not figured out; until April 8th I am the sole driver in the family, and Martin was talking to people at the college today to get it worked out but overall it looks like nothing can be proven and he's going to have to pay the money for it. Bummer, but that's life, I guess. Maybe we'll win some huge amount of cash on a scratch-off ticket or something.
One can always hope!!!!

Anne said...

Yeah, puppies are a lot of work until they're well-trained, but then they make such darn good companions. Every kid should grow up with a dog anyway.

I hate unexpected bills. It's hard enough to deal with and plan for the ones you know are coming!!