Friday, March 21, 2008


Wow. Fr. Vath blessed my belly today at communion. I was (and am) humiliated. Any shred of confidence I'd once had in the way I look has gone straight out the window. First he blessed my baby, then he kind of smiled and blessed my stomach and at first I thought, "what is he doing?" and then I realized, and almost started crying. That is NOT what a girl whose baby is almost 5 months old wants to happen to her. So then I started thinking maybe I was pregnant and he could sense the life within me.... so I went straight out and bought a pregnancy test, took it, and was delighted to find it negative. Well, delighted for a minute before I remembered what had happened to make me take the dumb thing in the first place and then I got all depressed again.

Guess I won't be wearing this shirt anymore. What a shame... it's such a pretty shade of green.

By the way, we officially have a dog. Pictures and details to come soon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Annie,
I saw that happen and saw your distress and wondered if Fr. Vath thought you were Sarah. I'm sure that was it. I could write forever on what I think of that practice, but I will spare you and your readers! Yesterday points to why it shouldn't be done!!
You look great, so not to worry!

Anna May said...

I'm with the other person that commented, I don't care for the priests blessing all the little ones. There is usually such a long line, that the blessings just make it take all the longer. Then there is the sanitary thing. I guess I shouldn't say anything about that, I don't thing the whole thing is sanitary anyway.
Fr. Vath is a man, one who isn't married. Sometimes even married men don't know how to be sensitive.
I'm with "mrsw", he probably thought you were Sarah.

Regis said...

Hey Annie
That has happened to me by a member of the clergy before. They are men, first of all. Secondly, I think they try with best of intentions. I know how you feel. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Annie: Anyone who wears a size one jeans only five months after giving birth DOES NOT LOOK FAT no matter what shirt she is wearing. You looked darling yesterday and I loved your new shirt. Poor Fr. Vath just gets kind of mixed up sometimes. I am positive he thought you were Sarah and didn't even look at your tummy. I think you should send him the bill for the pregnancy test!

Sarah said...

He thought you were big fat me. Cheer up!