Friday, March 14, 2008


This lent has absolutely flown by. Has it seemed that way for anyone else? I can't believe that this weekend is already Palm Sunday! Gosh.

Today I took a walk with both the baby and the dog. A woman stopped and asked me if I needed help. I'm pretty sure she meant psychological. It wasn't really all that bad though; Baxter is pretty well behaved on his walks and Anja loved riding in the umbroller. The only thing that made it difficult was that it was so late in the day, the sun was directly in Anja's eyes all the way home. ("All the way." We went around the block.) But it gives me confidence about getting a dog... that umbroller is super easy to handle, even with one hand, and the Snugli is great too. I think a dog will be a good addition.

But it won't be "Bear," unfortunately. I was looking on the PetFinder website again and they listed a Newfie-Lab mix named Bear up at the Pet-Savers shelter. I told my mom about it when she came over (we went down to that antique shop again and checked prices--the highchair was $37 and the cabinet was $275!) and she wanted to go up and "just look" at it. So I called and it was still available... two hours later when we made it up there, he had been adopted!! I wouldn't have been so disappointed if I hadn't seen him, but he was still there... and he was SO CUTE. And a Newfie-Lab!!! How perfect and more "excellent with children" can you get?!?

But there is still Dexter and if Martin gets home early enough tomorrow we will go out and take a look at him. Maybe it's a good thing Bear was unavailable. I don't think we have the financial means for a giant-sized dog at this point. I think a typical "large" is about all our pocketbooks can handle for now. But maybe in a few years!

I'm really looking forward to summertime and going to Turkey Run with Anja and a dog. It'll be tons of fun. Martin was looking up cabin prices at Mammoth Cave the other day; we'd like to go down and spend a few days there sometime during his vacation.

I'm really glad Anja's nose doesn't look so huge on her anymore. Maybe it was because she was so skinny? I think she has a cute little nose now... but boy at first sight it looked like quite the honker.

Martin was expecting a small package from UPS to come today and I meant to put a note on the door for them this morning because sometimes I don't hear them knock and they don't usually leave the packages if I don't answer. But I forgot to put the note up and then I left and when I came home they had left their yellow sticker on the door. And he was so looking forward to getting it and now I feel really bad that he won't get it until Monday!

It's Honor Scholar Weekend at Wabash so Martin isn't going to be around much. He was at work at 6:45 this morning and won't get back until really late tonight... then he has to do it all again tomorrow! There's a chance he'll be able to come home after lunch tomorrow because that's what time his official duties end, but I'm not counting on it.

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Anne said...

I totally agree about this Lent flying by. Laura and I were talking about this very thing a few days ago.