Monday, March 17, 2008

"Mommy, who did this to us?"

'Tis the season of political campaign ads! Aah, yes, hopefuls and candidates ripping each other apart, attacking each other from every angle imaginable, no matter how ridiculous it makes them sound, going straight for the jugular. Gosh. It's almost better than Christmas!

The above subject line is a quote from a campaign ad Martin heard on the radio during his travel season when he worked for the Secretary of State. I'm pretty sure I posted about it at the time because it was so hilarious... but that's what the little girl in the ad said, referring to Daylight Saving Time. Pretty funny stuff.

Martin remembered to stick the note on the door for the UPS man this morning, but I didn't see it until I got back home from taking him to work. He wished the UPS man a happy St. Patrick's day! Hee hee hee!

And speaking of St. Paddy's Day, Anja is in a new GREEN outfit. Yesterday evening Martin asked me if Anja had anything green to wear today and I said she has her plaid dress that has green in it. He said that wasn't good enough. I said, well she could wear it with her green sweatshirt. He said, what green sweatshirt? I told him, the one with the hood and the little horse on it. He said, no I don't know what you're talking about but I'm sure it's not the right color. And he insisted we go out and buy her something new. Haha! Unfortunately, everyplace to get kids clothes is closed on Sunday evening at 7:30, even though it feels like 4:30 since the sun is only just beginning to set, but we needed milk anyway so we went to Target and we found the very cutest outfit for her, shirt and pants and matching socks. VERY CUTE. And of course for going out she is wearing her green and white striped hat that I knit for her before she was born. Such a cutie!

While waking up at 5:00 in the morning in order to get ready and take Martin to work on time is not my most favorite thing in the world, there's something a little bit exciting about being out before anyone else is and there's definitely something nice about seeing the sun come up. It makes you feel like you're really getting the most out of your day. And then of course when you have a 4-month-old who boycotts sleep, you feel like you're getting the most out of your night as well. Not a moment wasted in this family. Gee, it sure is great.

Yesterday was the SCC (St. Cecilia Circle) "Mommy Shower" up at my mom's house which was a success if I do say so. (not that I had anything to do with it.) The kidders were well entertained, as were the ladies, who recieved professional foot massages!!! And the preggos got fun gift bags too. My sister recieved from her doting sister a most special gift bag full of all the stuff she had lent me when Anja was born, plus some unused things such as a very hopeful 5-8lb onesie (Sarah's babies ain't no 5-8 pounds) a cutie little sleeper that arrived too late for Anja to wear, and a newborn sized promo diaper that I recieved in the mail last week. (A little late.)

Anja has a doctor appointment today, just the routine checkup, so we'll see how much she weighs! That was the question of the day yesterday at the shower. Yes, she's quite the porker. Martin's guess is 16lbs 1oz, my guess is 14lb 8oz. We'll see who's closer in about two hours.

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