Thursday, March 13, 2008


I posted earlier about the antique store we visited today but I didn't say anything about the specific finds that were there. I can't remember exact prices now but at the time I thought they were good. An example of comparison is the doilies they have, one of which I almost bought; they were only $2. Now I'm pretty sure at any other antique store they would be more like $5 and sometimes more--because in general, antique store prices (at least around here) are outrageous! The only reason I almost bought one was because the other day I was cleaning off the kitchen table and looking for a doilie or something to put under the table stuff. I never found any that weren't already in use. But at the same time, I don't really need a doilie on my kitchen table, it's fine without anything.

However, there were a few pieces of big furniture there that I found very appealing. One was a wooden highchair with a cute little padded seat and back attached. I don't remember it being too crazily expensive. Another thing was a large, double-doored china cupboard. It was $200-something. Unless you'd be keeping it's distressed look, it needs refinishing, but the doors still have the original glass and you can tell because it is all wobbily. I really liked it. Another thing I saw was a cute little sofa/loveseat that I called my mom to go down and check out. It looks worn but I think it's cute. I don't know how to describe it though. Lots of little tables and shelves there too, all for pretty decent prices. I mean, as far as down here goes. I'm not sure that I would label them "steal of a deal" or anything like that, but except for Goodwill (and even they are getting rather pricey these days) there's not much thrift to be found in the thrift stores around here.

On to other subjects: HOW DO YOU SET A GOOD ROUTINE?!? Every time the day starts out wonderfully and Anja naps well at good times I think I've finally got it. But then it's never right. either she doesn't take naps all day, goes to sleep cranky and sleeps all night, or she takes decent naps and doesn't go to sleep EVER. It's almost 11:00 at night. She took AWESOME naps today. She was happy all day long. I put her to sleep this evening at 7:30 because she fell asleep... and then she woke up at 8:30, wide awake and perfectly happy. She's been awake ever since. I've tried to nurse her to sleep, we tried driving her around... she isn't the least bit upset, she's just perfectly awake and shows no signs of fatigue.

I can't wait to go back to that antique store. Without telling Martin I'd been to the antique store, I asked him if he'd rather we just get an easily obtained plastic highchair from Target or would he rather have wooden one? In his "duh" voice he said, "wooden one" and then I told him all about the cute one I'd seen.

The other find of the night is of a puppy! After dinner we looked on the North Central Indiana Spay & Neuter website at their adoptable pets and found "Dexter," a Black Lab/English Setter mix. He's really cute, and furrier than a lab, which is what I'd prefer. He's 5 months old, and I looked up English Setters in the dog bible and it says they generally get along with everyone including children! We wrote them an email tonight requesting more information. Maybe we'll get a chance to go up and take a look at him sometime next week. We shall see.


Anne said...

I'm no expert, obviously, I've only got one kid!

But I went through the same thing when Charles was a younger infant -seemed like his routine was changing weekly!

You could try having a bedtime routine that you choose and can stick with and then using it every time you put her to sleep, so she knows what to expect...

The Zuzolos have raised a bunch of pretty polite, well-mannered kids recently so I email Mary Jane sometimes when I have questions! She's pretty helpful and supportive.

Clare said...

I have this theory, that as it gets warmer, I think all people sleep less. Anastasia spent ALL DAY yesterday playing outside and took a 30 minute nap (which is the most I can get these days) and then decided not to sleep until 11pm and was up at 7am. She usually sleeps from 9pm-8am. Weird. I think the Spring air energizes her (and maybe Anja too). I don't know. Just a theory.

Also, I hope you get the puppy! It sounds like and AWESOME mix. Labs are such great big dogs! And setters are really good natured too! And dogs are like free entertainment for babies (and people too).

And wooden high chairs are really nice. They are so much less obtrusive in a dining room. I don't get why they aren't all wood? I mean how many people eat their own food on plastic tables and chairs? So why make your kid eat off of something so uninviting in your dining room?

Annie said...

Oooh, Mrs. Zuzolo! You're right! Sometimes it's hard to ask your mom about stuff because it's been so long since they've had a baby. And the routine thing is what I try to do... it used to be bath, jammies, nurse, sleep. But now I don't give her a bath so often and I guess "jammies, nurse, sleep" isn't much of a nightly routine. Maybe I should read her a story too.

Anyway, thanks!

No kidding about the highchairs. The only thing I'd take if I didn't get a wooden one is one of those little ones that strap onto a big person chair. My sister-in-law uses one of those and it's nice because in pictures, her highchair looks like a super cute wooden chair, and then when she comes to Lafayette she just brings the highchair with her. This would be a handy thing for us when going over to our families houses for dinner where there are too many highchair aged babies to count all in one room!

As for the dog, it sounds so great. Martin has always wanted a lab but I think labs are too popular. this is a really good looking dog. He's a Big Black Dog, but he has a different look than a typical lab and his hair is longer. He's really cute!

Have you heard of BBD Syndrome? Evidently people don't want to adopt Big Black Dogs because they are scary looking, so those dogs get left in shelters and I guess eventually euthanized in a lot of cases. So on our hunt for a dog, unless a bulldog or basset falls into our lap unexpectedly, we are on the hunt for a Big Black Dog! The shelter is open from 4-5 on weekend evenings so we might go out tomorrow night to check him out!! I'm very excited!!