Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As I kind of mentioned in my last post, we Schaps are still dogless. However, we're being very proactive on our search for our perfect addition, and today we are going to see Georgina, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Yesterday, poking around on, I found Georgina and texted Martin about her. (He really likes Rhodesian Ridgebacks.) He looked her up on his own and she's at the shelter in Crawfordsville, so without telling me he went to look at her in the afternoon and filled out the adoption application and everything! She's definitely not a full Ridgeback because she's all black and Ridgebacks don't come in that color. We think she's part black lab, which is also great. Anja and I went to the library and checked out a book on Ridgebacks and did a little reading. They sound like pretty great dogs, especially for us. I realize it's always easy to have an active dog in the summertime and that the winter might be a challenge. And they say that if introduced to kids at a young age, they'll be fine with them. Anyway, it's exciting. I'm going down to meet her today and if I think she's NOT the perfect dog for us, we might go to see some others in Logansport on Saturday.

So last night ended up being kind of a fun night. Martin thought he'd stay late at work to make calls but at 6:30 he called and said he was just coming home, he was too tired and would double his work tomorrow night. While he was on his way and I was making dinner, TusaRebecca texted me that she was coming over to show me her new car! It's very cute. Actually, it's very sleek. I like it. It a black '04 Hundai(sp?) with tinted windows and secret pockets. Very fun. She stayed for dinner and during dinner we were listening to The World Cafe and a new James McMurtry song came on from his new album! Martin said maybe that warrented a trip to Von's, so we all piled into TusaRebecca's new car and drove over to Von's where they did not have the new James McMurtry album, but we did get a book by Larry McMurtry, who is the father of James. Then we got coffees at Vienna, came home and put Anja to sleep.

She didn't sleep well (surprise, surprise) and had the beginnings of a cold. She'd breathe and snork and then cough and wake herself up. She was up every few hours. It was sad. However, this morning she still managed to wake up happy as a clam at 6:00. What a silly girl! I can't believe how little sleep she runs on. And I would worry, except she's so HAPPY!! Especially in the mornings! (And right now... she's very talkative today.)

I got a Facebook message from a girl I went to highschool with and she asked me about my graduating class and how many people are married/parents. She said her class is all getting engaged. She is engaged and not sure about exactly when the wedding will be, depending on stuff going on in her life and I thought it was funny to think of the differences in classes. It seems like Martin's class is full of professionals now. They all went to college and now are persuing careers. My class is the marriage class--we all seem to be marrying young and having babies right away. Evidently the class below us is big on engagement, but she didn't mention any marriages or children, and then the class below that is famous for its number of illegitimate children. And of course that doesn't mean every person in the class is doing any of those things, but as a group, we could be classified as the career class, the married class, the engaged class, and the babies class. Pretty funny to think about.

An update on the dog search is that Martin has fallen head over heels for a Bluetick Coonhound named Major, located in Noblesville. He IS a good looking dog and I think there couldn't BE a better name than "Major" for a hound dog. We'll see what comes of it. I'm leaving in about half an hour to head down to Crawfordsville to pick up Martin and meet Georgina. So we'll see how that goes too. On my way I'm going to finally buy that highchair from the antique store... so I'd better scoot!

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