Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Rather Annoying Annie Car Day

Well, Martin and I both overshot our guesses on Anja's weight. Yesterday's scale read 14lbs 4oz. Still, not bad for a little girl!

Yesterday turned into a very annoying and hectic day. After Anja's doctor appointment in the morning I thought I'd swing by the antique store and buy that highchair. I drove around a bit but there was no close parking and Anja was crying, so I just went home. After her [ridiculously short] nap, I packed her up to try again. (I'm terrified that I'll finally get there and the thing will be gone. Like Dexter the dog was--we set up an appointment on Friday night to go look at him Saturday afternoon, and he was adopted on Saturday morning before we even saw him!) This time I really made an effort driving around looking for a parking place and finally came around the block once to find the 20 minute parking spot right outside the door completely free! Wahoo!! So I pulled in and looked at the door and saw that the darn shop is closed on Mondays. ARG!!

Then there were all these little annoying things that happened like me spilling sticky, hours-old coffee all over my hand and not being able to wash it off because I was outside and Anja was in the car and we were just leaving to go someplace. And I was supposed to have Laura come over in the afternoon and TusaRebecca was going to come over too and knit, but then I realized that they couldn't come over at 3:00 because I had to pick up Martin! I don't know why I hadn't been thinking of that when I made the plans. I spent half the day craving cherry coke and thought I'd never get one because after awhile I get tired of putting Anja in and out of the car over and over again all day long. However, Matt Scherger saved my day.

Anja and I went to Goodwill before going to pick up Martin (where I found two shirts for me and a pair of cutie overalls for Anja) and Matt Scherger was there creating an outfit for his gig that night at the Knickerbocker. I asked him if he knew anyplace I could get a cherry coke at a drive-thru, and he revealed to me one of our towns best secrets. The gas station by Blockbuster Video over by the old Target has a drive thru window!!!!!!!!! You can't see it from the road, it's around the back, but it's amazing!!! Now I know where I can get whatever I want with Anja in the car! Yahoo!! So I got my cherry coke for the fabulous gas station price of 89 cents and was off to Crawfordsville, much happier than I'd been all day.

Oops, Anja's upset.

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