Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Weekly Weekend

Well, it's Sunday evening again. Anja's had a big weekend with not many naps, so she's already in bed and we're down here enjoying the few hours that are left in our weekend by dreaming big, expensive dreams and drinking coffee. On Saturday morning I was able to sneak off without waking Martin up; Anja and I went over to Vienna and got Martin a chai and me a coffee and came home and made eggs and toast for breakfast! It was very delicious. We made a little trip out to the mall in the afternoon... we ate Auntie Anne's pretzels for lunch and did a little shopping... I got a super cute shirt at Gap and two pairs of socks. Martin got a couple of Cubs hats!! He got the typical blue one to replace the one that Baxter chewed up a long time ago, and then he saw the green St. Patrick's day one, which is something he's always wanted. They only had ONE LEFT, and it was his size!! How lucky is that?!? He's very excited to have it. Later on we went to TJ Maxx where I bought another VERY cute shirt. (Can you tell our tax refund came in on Friday?) The great thing is, nothing we got was very expensive. I think everything was pretty much on sale. I've been keeping my eye out for cute dressy clothes lately... I didn't realize until Easter how absolutely annoying it's going to be this summer when I wear dresses and have to feed Anja. At least she'll be older though and not eating constantly. She already doesn't eat as much as she used to, which is nice. So anyway, I've been keeping my eye out for dresses and there was this really [theoretically] cute dress at Gap that I never would've actually purchased because it was much too expensive, but it was gorgeous!!..... on the hanger. I tried it on and was surprised to find out that it is actually the most unflattering dress in the world. Bummer! But at the same time, not, because then I didn't have to feel sad about not having won the lottery this week.

This morning we went to 7:30 mass and afterward came home and had a nice breakfast, then just kind of hung around until after lunch when we went to an art opening at Vienna. Anja wore the cutest dress! She looked very adorable, but my question is, how on earth did we get a blue-eyed, red-haired baby?!?

When Anja was tired of being at Vienna we came home, but on our way we took a little drive around downtown looking at all the old houses and structures that we admire. Eventually we got hungry for dinner and decided to try that Yats place over on the Levee. It wasn't raining very much, so we walked over with Anja inside Martin's raincoat. It was a nice walk! The dinner was fine... we're glad we tried it, anyway because we were curious. But it's no Cajun Connection, that's for sure! Once Anja grows out of her milk allergy/is done breastfeeding, I'm definitely going to make some crawfish etoufee. I miss it! I will make it for dinner and eat it with a vanilla chai. Aaaahhh....

Karenin might be getting slightly better about the potty thing, but she's not trained yet. She went 24 hours without an accident the other day, then broke the goodness streak. Later yesterday evening she had a little case of bad poops and left a trail through the dining room and living room. Yucky. This potty thing is one way in which Baxter was a WAAAY better dog than Karenin... with Baxter, no matter how long he had to hold it, he absolutely would not go in the house. He was kind of a saint that way.

These next couple of weeks are going to be pretty busy. The mother of a girl I went to highschool with died this weekend and I'm part of a quartet who is singing "Blessing" at the funeral. The problem is, none of us has the music to it anymore, so we're trying to track it down before we get together to practice on Tuesday evening. Six years is a long time to have not sung something together!

Hooray! Tara just came over to meet Karenin! I haven't seen her in forever, I was starting to go through Tara withdrawal. Tomorrow is rosary group--I hope I get back in time from taking Martino to work!

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LauraSuz said...

Dan gave me a Cubbies St. Patrick's day cap when we were first dating then when we went to a game he bought me a baseball T to match! Okay - my point isn't to brag about Dan but to say I like the green caps too!