Sunday, March 9, 2008

DST--The Horror!!

Alright. All of you nuts who are on board with Daylight Saving Time can just hold your tongues while I complain about it and tell you why it has basically ruined my day. Again. Just like it did last year. (Except last year we spent the entire day trying to make it to mass and missing it, while this year we made it on the first try!)

Just the other day--Wednesday it was, because it was Annie Car Day--I was practically bouncing off the walls with happiness as we trekked out to the car in the snow and it was already light out and it was so pretty. It used to be that it was still dark when I drove Martin to work and the sun would only be coming up during my drive back home from Crawfordsville. Not so anymore! I was elated on Wednesday by the early morning sun and its promise of spring.

And then. Mitch Daniels stole my elation. He robbed me of all my happiness. He interfered with my joy of the progress of nature by making me reset my clocks and therefore making me regress into winter just when I was beginning to have hope that spring was on its way. I HATE MITCH DANIELS AND I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME. As a mother of an infant who rises at 6:30ish every day, I look forward to the sun coming up as earlier and earlier. HE STOLE MY LOOKING FORWARDNESS!!!!!!!!

Anyway, on a cheerier note, my pie turned out pretty yummie yesterday. I'm looking forward to summertime and making the berry fillings for them too, although that takes a lot longer. I like the fact that I can whip up some pie crust in about ten minutes, put it in the fridge and then roll it out and make the pie whenever I get another free ten minutes. And then I like the fact that I can eat it. All. YUM! We shared the last piece for breakfast this morning and it was lovely.

So the other day we were driving someplace and listening to country music (Martin's guilty pleasure, not mine) and this song came on that's probably called "I'll Probably Be Up All Night, Cleaning This Gun" and it's this absolutely hilarious song about this guy whose daughter has a date come to the house and the dad's real nice to him, and then the last line of the chorus is the aforementioned quote. Another great line is "It's a Daddy Thing." Well after we listened to that song we sat in the parking lot and Martin admitted to me that he spends a lot of time--I mean A LOT of time--dreaming up ways to freak out Anja's dates. !?!?!? She's four months old!!! And he's already making plans like these!!!! I have to admit though, some of his schemes are pretty funny and really make him look like a nutcase. It kind of makes me look forward to the teenage years.

Speaking of "four moths old"... that is today! To celebrate, I had a cup of real coffee from Vienna. I went in expecting it not to be any different from decaf afterall, but I was wrong... it's MUCH better. And so far so good with Anja's mood... I fed her about an hour after the coffee and it's been a few hours since then and she doesn't seem to have any tummy ache! She and Martin are here beside me on the couch, fast asleep. It is very cute. And here in all her four-month cuteness... My Babykins!


Anna May said...

I must be the first to comment. Well, I'm with you, Annie, DST is just not right. And if anyone watched Sunday Morning this a.m., they had a spot about how DST is to save money on heating and so forth. Well, they said it costs Indiana residents a lot, lot more than it saves them. I can't remember the figure, but it was a LOT. I'm hoping our dear governor saw that. At the same time, if he did, he'll tell us some awful story to make us think he was right. In other words, he'll lie.

Thanks, Annie, for getting that off your chest. And giving me a reason to get it off mine.

Anne said...

I used to hate DST, too. I'm still against it in principle, but I won't deny that just the THOUGHT of Peter coming home tomorrow in the daylight is enough to make me smile.

But the bummer is that eventually he would have been home in the light anyway, you know as spring turned to summer, etc. But now it will probably never be light before he leaves. Last summer (the first with DST) I think it never got light in the morning the entire summer until 630 at the earliest!!!

LauraSuz said...

I'm a morning person so I completely agree! And besides just ME and what I do, I think it's weird we can mess with time. I haven’t done my fair share of reading up on exactly why we do it but time seems like it should just be – something we can’t change.

Clare said...

Nick loves that country song!!! He is already planning his arsenal to give prospective dates a tour of before they go out. lol! I must admit that I enjoy having light later in the day... but it is a pain with a baby! It will get light earlier again soon!