Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Snugglies

This morning Anja was fussing in her sleep around 7:00. We should've just gotten up, but instead I brought her into bed with us and she fell back asleep, snuggled up between us and we all dozed until 9:00. It was pretty great. Saturdays are a wonderful thing.

We're having my brother and sister-in-law over for dessert tonight. I'm making a cherry pie with canned filling. But at least the pie crust will be homemade. It's too expensive to make real berry filling at this time of year. They are leaving for Italy on Tuesday and won't be back until October so it'll be good to hang out with them one last time.

Last night we went to Barnes & Noble and while Anja and I were browsing through the CD area, we stopped by the Regional Artists section, and there at the front of the stacks was my CD! Who knew?!? It made me think about making another disc. That, and having listened to Linda Hicks' new CD and the disc that Joe Peters recently made with some others. Of course where I'd get the time to do something like that, I have no idea. But as long as I was dreaming about it I wrote out a possible track list, title and photo design. We'll see. It's expensive and time-consuming and will probably never happen, but there's nothing like being out of the game for 4 months to give you the motivation to make a new album.

Okay. Chicken & Noodles for dinner tonight and I'm going to make that pie while Anja is happy.


Anne said...

Oh we personally would LOVE another CD!! In fact if we were rich, we'd probably even fund your endeavor!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey!! We were at Barnes and Noble last night, too!! We are such hip people... hangin' out at B/N on a Friday night. That was after we took in a rockin' Stations. Aah, look to me and I'll teach you how to party.