Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

What a fabulous day! What a fabulous weekend! And the weather today?!? FANTABULOUS!!

Yesterday was one of those busy/fun/did-stuff-all-day-but-at-the-end-of-it-can't-remember-anything-you-did Saturdays. We hung out with Matt Aiken in the afternoon then stopped by Lowe's on the way home. When we got home, Perkins came over and we hung out for a few hours while Anja slept. Perkins and I went to the grocery store together and then Martin worked out in the backyard while Anja and I (once she woke up) went out to Once Upon a Child where I got some KILLER DEALS on some absolutely adorable clothes. Ohmygosh. I got 3 cutsie little dresses, and I think 5 tops all for less than $25. !!!!! What a deal! They had an InStep jogging stroller with the swivel wheel there for $139. I am an IDIOT for not buying it. I didn't even tell Martin about it until today, and he went right out there to buy it, but of course by that time it was gone. I'm so dumb!!! It's the exact stroller we want and it was in excellent condition and a good price, and I passed it up. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

In the evening we did something semi-traumatic. We left our Anja pie for the first time. Well, that's kind of a lie. We left her once with my parents while we took our car to the shop, but she was asleep that whole time. Last night she was awake the whole time, and not so incredibly happy either. We went to Civic to see "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" starring none other than Nathan Keillor, Perkins' little brother! He was great! Seriously, he was one of the best actors in the show, and his headstand was incredible--taught to him last weekend by Martin! When they came out for their final bows, he did a headstand, and after the show he said he held it extra long since he knew Martin was in the audience. Hee hee!

And then we ate some eggs and Anja went to sleep for 7 hours.

This morning we went to 9:30 mass which was said for my Hatke grandparents and afterward the family met up at my parents' house for brunch. Perkins came to that too! It was nice but after we ate we hurried out so that we wouldn't miss the good weather--the good WALK weather. We bundled Anja into her fleece bunting and into the wrap carrier and set off for Borders. It was such a wonderful walk! Anja slept the whole time. She didn't wake up until we were in Panera getting some coffee, and she was definitely not ready to wake up! She screamed a little bit, but fell asleep as soon as she was back in the wrap and walking. It was really cute. She's so adorable.

So we walked home and let her sleep for awhile, then after she woke up we ran our errands. We were going grocery shopping today so that Martin could stay late at work tomorrow to make calls. We thought we had to hurry with our errands so he could get down to work tonight too to make some calls, but when we came out of the store we were amazed at how warm it had gotten!! It was sixty-six degrees!!! He couldn't pass it up. It was just too tempting. We always remember the first warm day of spring, but what's special about another night at the office making calls? So we hurried and put the groceries away, DIDN'T bundle Anja in her fleece because it wasn't necessary, and parked the car at Vienna and took a nice walk around campus. It was the perfect amount of time too--it started to get cold and windy right as we were getting back to the car.

So it turned out to be a pretty great day!! Anja is absolutely worn out. She was dead to the world when we got home from our walk at 6:30 and I stupidly woke her up and now she can't go back to sleep and is cranky. I'm really not very bright sometimes. So we might just put her back in the car and go for a little drive to put her to sleep.

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