Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some Pictures

This is Julia. I couldn't get her to smile.
Pie with Angelica

Pie with Christopher

Pie with Zita

Gracie didn't care for the pie.

Anja all dressed for the morning funeral service.

Angelica and PeterXavier entertain...

All the grandkidders
Christopher, Anja, Angelica, Julia, Gracie, Zita, PeterXavier

TWO babies and a preggo!!

All the grandkiddies again

Anja's most adorable outfit

Cousins! Two months apart. Anja and Julia at the community diaper-change.


Anne said...

Thanks for the photos. Keep 'em coming!

Ben Hatke said...

Nice pictures!

My blog still links to your old LJ, Annie. Maybe someday, if you can behave yourself, I will change it! Or maybe I secretly think you'll go back to LJ someday....

Anja has such excited eyes.

Anna May said...

Nice pictures. Thanks so much for posting them. It's sometimes my only way for me to keep in touch with you all. The pictures of all the grandkids, was that picture taken at your mother's house? I really like the blue couch.