Friday, October 12, 2007

The Advantages to Having a Traveling Husband

There are a few advantages I've found to having a husband who travels five days a week. One of these is that you appreciate it when he's home. Last night was the best night EVER--I put extra quilts on the bed and we all snuggled up, Martin on one side, Theodore on the other side, snug as bugs in a rug all night long. Even when I woke up with an achey hip and a full bladder, I couldn't make myself move because it was just too cozy!

The other advantage is all the free stuff I get. Martin always brings me home all the lotions and shampoos from the hotels where he stays. The best kind is from the Holiday Inn Express because all their toiletry products smell like cinnamon!! It's PERFECT for fall!! And he brings home about four bottles of each (shampoo, conditioner, lotion) for me every time he stays. Also, sometimes the schools he visits give him little appreciation gifts. Last night he came home with a bag of pumpkin taffy! Talk about YUM!

The raccoon came to visit again last night. This time Theodore noticed, and that's how I noticed. Theodore jumped into the window and was going nuts at the screen and I went to get him and there was that fat raccoon, looking in at me. This time he wasn't scared, but he didn't stick around. I said hello and he looked at me for a minute then waddled off. I don't think he liked Theodore very much.

I love October. I really like November too, but nothing beats October. Martin really likes May also, he says May and October are tied for him, but for me, October beats out every other month. I look forward all year long to this exact time of year. I really love May when it arrives, but I never remember how much I like it until it's here, so it can't be classified as my favorite. I love going over to campus at this time of year in the morning when it's all cold and quiet. I drove over there this morning and got a chai from Vienna with a free card I've been saving. This fall reminds me so much of last fall when I was planning my wedding and going to school. I really, really love it.

Today I'm wearing my blue sweater with the brown tanktop underneath and my new brown Keens, with my white scarf to keep me a little bit warm and to cover up a little bit of my cleavage that I can't seem to hide. I know I probably don't look cute; I probably look like the giant whale that I am--but I feel cute, and that's what matters. Yesterday I washed all of our fall clothes that have been in the laundry basket since last year; all the corduroy pants and sweaters and heavy socks. It makes me SO excited to not be preggie anymore and to be able to wear my old cute clothes! Only 6 weeks to go! (Three weeks to term!)

I have so much to do today to ready for the Feast tomorrow!!! Happy things. I have to dig out the pack baskets and make sure we each have everything we need. I might need to wash Martin's shirt and socks. I'm going to make cookies to take, and I might run out and buy a few more apples. I have to pick up Martin's dress shirts from the dry cleaners and mend a quilt that has a big hole in the middle (thanks to butthead Baxter.) I can't remember what else I have to do, but I have a list on the kitchen table. And it's all very exciting!! Tonight we're going out to set up and register for our camp spot, and *hopefully* we'll be done early enough that Martin and I will both be able to make it to Gracie's birthday party tonight, but if not, I'll have to go without him. Gracie is FOUR YEARS OLD today!!! Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl!!!!!

And tomorrow is my sister-in-law's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANNA as well, because I won't be home tomorrow to post!

If anyone makes it out to the Feast this weekend, be sure to stop by the soap making demo booth and say hello!!

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anna said...

Annie, October is the best month of the year, hands down. mmm and February and August always tie for my least favorite even though my anniversary is in August which is the one good thing about august, oh and tomatoes too but that's all I can think of.

Thanks for the well wishes and have fun at the feast. I am so jealous. I had half hoped that we would be there now. Give Gracie my love.