Monday, October 15, 2007

Weird Happenings

In one unsuccessful trip to the post office, a couple weird things happened to me. First I was driving up South Street, near the park, going about 40 mph, and the car behind me passed me! First of all, that area is DEFINITELY a no-passing zone. Duh. And aside from that, I was clearly driving over the speed limit, and how much faster does one need to go? Well, first I got mad, but then I told myself to give him the benefit of the doubt and I assumed that he was on his way to the hospital which was right ahead. But nope! He drove right on past the hospital and I ended up sitting behind him at the red light at Earl Avenue. I got a good look at him then--he was just some young thug with a (supid looking) crooked baseball cap. But the funny part was that at the 52 intersection, HE got stopped at the red light in the turn lane while I, who was going straight, breezed right past him!! HA! Look how NOT far ahead of me he got by passing me on a double yellow between the park and the hospital!! What a stupid kid.

The other funny thing that happened was that on the way home I saw a garbage can completely full of pinatas. You don't see THAT every day!

However, the post office trip was unsuccessful, as I said before. I need to mail back my brother's glasses that he left here a couple weeks ago and they are all wrapped up and ready to go, but when I got to the post office it was absolutely jam packed. Tomorrow I will go in the morning when nobody else goes.

I spent a big chunk of my afternoon making sweet annie creations. I made two wreathes and a door swag and hung a bunch above the corner windows. I think it looks nice. I don't think Martin likes it when I decorate the house with dead plants, but he never really says anything. Probably he doesn't think he should, since I let him decorate the house with dead animals. My mom is very vocal about her dislike of my decorating tastes though--I think she thinks it's gross. But I like it, and when the sweet annie is fresh, it makes the whole house smell good! Anyway, the swag above my door looks especially cute because from the middle I hung a little bunch of tiny corn cobs. Sometime this week I will buy some pumpkins for the porch and then our house will look very autumnal. (and cute.)

Also today, surprisingly enough, I found the cord to Martin's digital camera!! It was in a box in the extra bedroom. And here you have one of the pictures from that camera--Christopher, Angelica and Grace, winter 2005!


Joannie said...

Hahahaha... I just image-google-searched "sweet annies" because I was pretty sure I knew what they looked like, but wasn't positive... and one of the pictures I got was this...
I hope that link works, because boy was it funny...
Maybe his name is Sweet Annie?

Anne said...

Cute photo!

I can attest to the fact that the sweet annie swags look very nice and autumny too!

Thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

Annie: I DO NOT Hate your Decorating style!! Whatever made you say that??? I think your little home is cute and cozy.....I do think you should clean your bathtub more frequently, however.
Love those pictures!
Love, Mama

LauraSuz said...

I dry flowers and decorate my room with them and I don't think Dan likes it either! I bet your house looks so cute!

Annie said...

No, actually sweet annie IS a kind of llama, but I was too embarrassed to admit that I think they smell good!! (Because other than that, decorating your house with live llamas would be reasonable?...)

I'm sooooo glad you came by and even more glad that you didn't come while I was out. I'm going to send you a facebook message in a little bit.

You do so too hate my decorating style. You TOLD me that the dead bittersweet "just wasn't your style." And as for the cleanliness, just think of the immune systems our kids will have!

I bet your room is VERY adorable!! And your house will be too, come next year!

Anonymous said...

Just love the pictures. It helps me keep up with you and the rest of your extended family.

Grannie Annie