Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Guess who surprised me by coming home from Indy for the afternoon before going to Terre Haute?!? MARTINO!!! That sly fox called me today around noon and made me think he was on a break from his conference sessions, when in actuality he was completely finished! Not too much later while I was out buying pumpkins for the porch, he sent me a text saying "Where are you?" and when I told him I was in the car after having bought some pumpkins, he texted me back: "Meet me at Vienna?" HOORAY!! What a great surprise!!! And what made it really great was that I was supposed to drive Kristof home today, but last night that got cancelled. I was bummed at the time because a cancelled drive means cancelled cash, but what a stroke of luck! So we had a little date at Vienna then came home and put the pumpkins out and hung around for a little bit before he took off again. Only three and a half more weeks of the travel season. I can't wait till it's over.

Tonight I'm going out for ice cream with Mrs. Schap and Tara. Mrs. Schap has my pottery from the Feast (my birthday present from her) that got taken home to her house on Saturday night for safekeeping. So she invited me to ice cream and to give me the pottery and she told me to invite Tara, so I did, and she's coming along.

Martin and I were talking about different kinds of people and different kinds of marriages and we're glad we're us. Last night he went out to dinner with the guys from his office since they were all down at that conference together, and he said it was fine--two bachelors and a married guy who isn't much like him--and that he had a good enough time, but that he would've rather been at home. We talked about how some people live for their guys nights out or girls nights out, but that we kind of have to force ourselves to go to those things. Which is fine... we're just glad we have the same opinions when it comes to that. We also have the same opinion about people telling us that things WILL happen once the baby comes... the thing that bugs Martin the most is when people tell him that he won't work out anymore after the baby comes. Well, why wouldn't he? Why would he give up his favorite hobby that doesn't even take very much time just because we've started having kids? That's like if people told me I'd never play music anymore once I have kids. What? Why not? Music will still be important to me when I have children and Martin's working out will still be important to him when he has children and those are the two hobbies that we have that are separate from each other. It's not like his working out takes him away from home for long periods of time... it just takes him to the back of the house and occasionally to the backyard. And that's only on Saturdays! During the week he's long finished working out before I even wake up! Sorry for the rant. But some people are annoying.

So it's not unusual for Martin to be mistaken for a Jew. I think it'll be interesting to see if our kids look especially Jewish in that stereotypical way. They have a pretty good chance... odds are they'll grow up to have dark curly hair and big noses. Of course, look at Aurelio. I guess you never really know what you'll get... but it'll be interesting to see.

I went to Rubia today to get flowers for half price, and I think they forgot to give me the half price discount. I thought I was spending my usual $7 or $8 but they rung up as $15!!! I was too chicken to say anything so I just paid for it and left, and the girls there are so nice--they always remember me--I would've felt guilty making a stink about it. And maybe I misunderstood what I was buying anyway. Anyway... I would never intentionally spend that much on weekly flowers so I feel a little stupid, but oh well. They make the house look nice.


Anne said...

You're so right, Annie. Of course you will still keep your hobbies! You each still have to have something you enjoy doing on your own. Some day your kids will grow up and if you stopped doing everything when they were born your life would kind of stink once they were gone! :o)

I for one continue to enjoy crocheting and reading (maybe a little blogging here and there). :o)

Annie said...

Heh heh... blogging... I wonder if that will get less frequent for me when the baby arrives?...

If people had to give up everything else that was important to them in order to have children, not only would their children be boring people because they'd have no examples of hobbies, but also nobody would ever want to have children!!!