Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Grumpies

Well, I shouldn't be grumpy today, but I kind of am. I blame in on the wake-up phone call I recieved this morning from Martin, telling me that the sun was up and it was time to walk the dog. Not that I didn't specifically ask him to call me and wake me up as soon as the sun came up so I could walk the dog as early as possible... but while it had seemed like a good plan at the time, this morning it was pretty miserable. And I doubt it was any colder last night at 9:00 than it was this morning at 7:30. (I know, I know. 7:30 is not early. I'm just spoiled and wimpy, but I'm trying to live it up while I can.) So I walked the dog for the final time last night at 7:00 and made myself go out in the cold early this morning. Then I came back here and fell asleep on the couch for I don't know how long.

But other than that, it's been a productive day. I picked up the cleaning and mailed all the bills and washed all the dishes. I also went to the grocery store to get a good dinner for Martin who this week, sadly, is waaaaaaay up north in Indiana where there is not much phone reception and absolutely no restaurants. He's been living on McDonalds and gas station snacks all week! Not only is that pretty disgusting (and making him even grumpier than I am!) but it's kind of depressing, I think. So I splurged and went to the store and got him a big t-bone steak and some potatoes and I'll make him a good dinner tonight (or tomorrow, depending on what time he gets in tonight.)

Last night we were talking about our highschool days. It's good to be married to an old friend. (Even if you did spend a few years hating that old friend before becoming real friends again.) It's nice to have the same memories and stuff. Sort of how it would be, I guess, if you married your cousin... except not as sick and illegal. Anyway, so after we hung up I went upstairs and started looking through our yearbooks. On the inside of the cover of the 2001 yearbook (when he was a senior and I was a junior) he wrote something stupid to me about how "I've enjoyed our friendship over the last few years and hope to keep in touch in the future" or something silly like that. (A big step down from the year before when he wrote out a whole story about Sioux Falls and eating pancakes or something like that...) ANYWAY, the funny thing is that we DID keep in touch. We got married!! I bet he never expected that when he was writing his lame little entry in my yearbook. The other funny thing about that specific yearbook (which is my favorite because he had the best hair that year and still had spaces between his teeth) is that there's a picture of him at the fall Senior Night, and he's wearing his orange Crush shirt--which is the same shirt I had earlier in the day tossed into the designated hospital bag for him to wear!! Haha! Who knew, who knew?

Gee, writing this post has actually improved my mood a little bit!


Anonymous said...

I agree, Annie. Marrying someone who went to high school with you is great. Even 30 some years later...we know the same people, have the same memories of teachers and classes, etc. You don't have to explain so much stuff. It's a pretty good deal all the way around.
If you think Martin didn't think about being married to you when he wrote in your yearbook......believe me, I never thought of him as my future son-in-law and father of my grandchildren when he was sitting in my Freshman Religion class! Actually, if you had told me what was in the future when he had that "big BIG hair" I might have run for the hills.

Love, Mama

Anne said...

Isn't it funny to think of that?! About you and Martin and him writing in your yearbook.

Peter and I talk about us too. All those years attending youth knights together and singing Non Nobis before the tabernacle at the end of Cenacle...and to think God knew the whole time while we were kneeling right there...He knew all along that we'd be bound together forever one day.

He knew about you and Martin too. It is amazing. And weird.