Sunday, October 28, 2007

Risa Green is my SOULMATE!!

This book!! This BOOK!!!! She uses the word "ginormous"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW FABULOUS IS THAT?!??! Seriously, you all HAVE to read this book, as soon as I'm done with it and have returned it to the library. Which won't be long... in fact, it may be tomorrow.

Sometimes I wish everyone could have a time of being married to Martin so they would get to know the real him. Then you all could know the Martin who skips around the kitchen while he makes tea, singing "Tijuana Jail." Loudly.

Okay, this is embarrassing to admit, but here it goes: I really like the smell of Beggin' Strips. Every time I give Baxter a treat I'm really tempted to taste one becauses I think they smell SO good. Well last night Martin and I went up to the cottage for dinner, just because we wanted to, and we shared a steak and a can of beans (and a package of Starbursts.) While I was making dinner I kept smelling Beggin' Strips and assuming that it was this other kind of dog treat that was in a box on the counter by the stove. But then when dinner was ready and we were eating, I realized it wasn't dog treats at all--it was the beans!! They smelled so deliciously like Beggin' Strips!!!!!!! So now I feel like I got to taste Beggin Strips (and they were so yummie) without the embarrassment of having to admit that I'd eaten a dog treat. I'm so happy about this!

On my way up to communion this morning Mrs. Watson scooched over and said she had something for me after mass. So we went out to her car and guess what she gave me! She gave me Kimberly Hahn's book about how to be a good wife, AND she gave me... THE DINOSAUR MUSICAL PULL-TOY THAT I HAVE BEEN COVETING SINCE MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooo excited to finally have this ugly little toy in my possession. You pull the handle on his belly and his neck stretches out and then he plays music. I love it. And it's a dinosaur! With a really big head!!! It was the first thing Martin and I registered for when we found out we were pregnant. And now we OWN it. I am so happy about this too!

And now it sounds like the tea is done and for some reason Martin and I have been sitting in the big room for about an hour reading our books without realizing that it's REALLY COLD back here. The kind of cold where your nose goes numb. Then when Martin got up to use the bathroom he realized how ridicuously cold it is back here and how ridiculously dumb we are for having settled in in the coldest room of the house when we could read our books anywhere! Ha!

After today there's only one more Sunday of the travel season left!!!


Anne said...

I knew there was something else that I wanted to tell you yesterday...I returned The Baby Whisperer to the library.

Annie said...

Wheeee!! Maybe we'll see each other when I'm there to check out your book and you're there to check out mine!!