Monday, October 29, 2007

Will I Get a Major Cone-Head??

So, as I've said, the baby has dropped. I guess it's been down there for about a week now. My fear is that, if I don't deliver until my due date, or if I go past that, will my baby be majorly cone-headed from being stuck down there for so long?!?? Gosh, I really hope not.

Martin thinks I'll go into labor tomorrow because I did a lot of work in the baby room today including moving Baxter's cage to the dining room and moving all the computer stuff to the spare room and then vaccuming everything and putting away clothes and ties and organizing and stuff. What he doesn't realize is that between every small task I spent about an hour just sitting in a chair doing nothing. I don't think that counts as the "nesting" phase. Of course, maybe I'm so incredibly lazy that all that nesting stuff won't apply to me. I wouldn't be too surprised.

I put the ties and pocket squares in this super cute hatbox that I found in the spare room (which has become the Official Junk Room.) It's so adorable!! I'm pretty proud of myself and the way I've kept the bedroom closets so organized and cute looking. I am able to do that because we have a whole entire room designated for junk. I wonder how many people in the world value clean and organized closets over a clean and organized rest of their home?

I finished the best book in the world, "Notes from the Underbelly." Seriously, you all have to read this. There's a little bit of foul language in it that you'll have to look past, but oh my gosh... the writing is just too hilarious to pass up. And as it turns out she was writing the sequel to that book already at the time of the first's publication. (Evidently they were going to be the same book but it got too long.) I'm going over to the library tomorrow to see if she actually finished it or if they have it, and if they do--Hooray! A few more days of wonderfulness!


Sarah said...

I am totally with you on the closet thing. My house may be a wreck, but my linen closet is beautifully clean!!!

I think a halloween baby would be great!

Pete said...

my kid was a total cone head...and i don't think he ever dropped!!! :o)