Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Haircuts and Dogs and Labor and WHEN, WHEN, WHEN?

Last night in my gmail inbox I had my weekly pregnancy online newsletter from Each week they give you a little update on your current week of pregnancy, focusing on a theme. Next weeks theme (I peeked ahead) is breastfeeding. This week, week 35, was all about labor. It told you what to expect, the signs of it, the signs of false labor, gave you a list of what to take with you to the hospital and another list of things that would be a good idea to get done now while you've still got time before the baby comes--which could very well be at any moment, evidently. One of the things on their list of things to do beforehand was GET A HAIRCUT. So there's my decision. I'll get a haircut next week. But I won't get it chopped.... I'll get it short, but still long enough to wear in a short ponytail I think. Last night I took my hair down and was looking at it and marvelling at how gross it is. It's REALLY long and icky. Blech.

Something that wasn't on their list but that I've been meaning to do and am finally setting aside today to get done is wash all the baby clothes in baby detergent. I will do it today! Along with the other mountains of laundry that have been waiting for me since last week!! I always seem to fall behind on the laundry so quickly. If I don't do it every day it very quickly becomes overwhelming. Also, I need to take some of Martino's shirts to the cleaners.... well, anyway. This post is not supposed to be about housework it's supposed to be about the subject line.

So that whole newsletter on labor really made me realize that it COULD happen at anytime. Not only could it happen any time, but there probably wouldn't be any huge complications either. Even if the baby came TODAY, he'd hardly be preterm, and might not be considered premature at all. So then I got to thinking about when I would choose to go into labor if I could make that decision. And I decided it would be next Thursday night. Next Friday is the October full moon, and I'm a big believer in full moons making things happen. But if the baby is BORN on Friday, then my own doctor would probably be the one to deliver it. And Martin would be home, which is THE most important thing. Also, if I got to choose that it be on a weekend, I'd much rather have the baby early than late because then when Martin went to St. Louis I wouldn't care; I wouldn't have to worry anymore about going into labor while he was gone.
Anyway. If I had to make a bet, I would say that I'll go on my due date, which is the November full moon. But if I got to CHOOSE, I would choose next Friday, when there would be virtually no risk of complications, and Martin would be here, and I wouldn't have to be so nervous about myself while he was travelling for the last few weeks.

Another thing we talked about on the phone last night was getting a dog. We really want a dog, but we don't know WHEN we want a dog. Christmas would be the absolute earliest, and sometime in the spring would be the latest. I guess we'll just have to play it by ear and see how the winter starts out and if it gets to be New Years and we just can't live another day without a dog, we'll start looking for one then. But until then I guess our plans will remain in the air.


Jill said...

I was just reading your latest entry and George walked in and saw Theodore's picture and said, "oh! kitty cat! with a hat!"
So Theodore has another fan.

Joannie said...

I figured Jill would post about full moons. She loves them, you know. At least her babies do. I think you'll go on a full moon. Ooh, next week would be exciting...

I guess that means no trip to OH. I don't want you going into labor in my apartment. Boy, would THAT be something out of a TV show. It would be really funny... on a TV show. not in real life.

Anna said...

Annie, you are going to OH? Come on Va is only five hours more! Come see us!!!!!!!

What's that, you don't want to do a ten hour car trip eight months pregnant and alone? What's wrong with you? Sheesh.

Jill said...

Well I was going to, and then I thought that I had mentioned it in the survey post so I didn't want to be repetitive. Yes, both boys showed up early to see the full moon.
Watch out for low pressure weather systems too; big storms, etc. Women go into labor because of that, too...which would be very fitting for you, right?

Annie said...

Hooray, Theodore has a fan!! That's because he is the most fabulous, wonderful, precious cat in the world.

Jill is the whole reason I'm a bigger believer in the full moons. I mean, people can talk all they want but for BOTH babies to come early on the full moon?? That's scientific evidence! Yes, I've heard about storm systems too, which WOULD be fitting, and since tonight a big one will be moving through I'm glad I got all the baby clothes washed yesterday! You know... just in case.

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