Friday, October 26, 2007

An Early Morning Post

Wow. It's just five in the morning and I am wiiiiiiiiiiiiiide awake.

I turned on the heat the other day, which is always such a happy thing to do. I love the way old house furnaces smell. There are two rooms in our house that don't really get the heat--the big back room and our bedroom (which is basically the whole upstairs.) In the winter when it's REALLY cold it's kind of annoying (the big room has its own extremely ineffecient furnace) but these days it's kind of nice because you can go to one of those places and then when you leave that room you get to walk into the warmth of the rest of the house! Aaaah, it's such a good feeling. And it always smells like Christmas.

Lately I've been having really bad luck with knives and sharp things in general. I've been cutting myself just about every time I use a sharp knife. Then last night I was washing dishes and putting them away at the same time and the silverware thing was full so when I took the last of the plates out of the drainer, the thing started to fall into the sink. So what did I do? I intinctively tried to catch it with my hand and cut my wrist on either a knife or the potato peeler. So now all our kitchen towels are stained with blood and my hands make me look like a cotton picker.

The other day I mentioned that I thought the baby has dropped. Well now I'm almost sure of it. Even Martin noticed that my belly is a lot lower than it was. I guess I'll find out for sure at my doctors appointment on Monday, but I'm pretty sure it's happened.

Last night I got THE FUNNIEST chick lit book from the library. I'm only a few pages into it, but we went on a Vienna date and I was sitting there embarrassed, trying to keep from laughing out loud. This character is a college counselor at a highschool (which is who Martin deals with on his travels, and what he'd possibly like to do someday) AND she has a Wheaten Terrier!!!!! (Which she calls her "little wheatie princess.") I don't even know what the basic plot is of this book but the way she writes is absolutely hilarious. You know how all those chick lit authors try so hard to be funny, and think they are succeeding? Well, their attempts usually annoy me. But THIS girl--!!!!!! She wins. SO FUNNY. Gosh, I don't even know what the book is called. But I love it!

Too bad I'm so awake. I'd much rather be sleeping right now.

I think Martin enjoyed his t-bone steak last night. I certainly enjoyed the mashed potatoes. I made brown gravy for the first time and it was okay. I didn't really know how to make it, so I guessed, and it was good enough for me. I gave myself a teensy tiny helping of meat, a generous portion of peas and filled the rest of my plate with mashed potatoes. Martin doesn't like gravy very much ever (which is great for me!) so he put almost ALL the gravy on my plate. My dinner was swimming in it. It was AWESOME.

Last night we went on a date to Vienna to enjoy a Triple Chocolate Tart together. Well, they were out of Triple Chocolate Tarts so we got chocolate mousse cake instead, but we saw Dan Shaw and Kim, and that was kind of funny.

Today I will make cookies. Lots of them.


Clare said...

Dessert dates are the greatest! We went on one a week or so before Anastasia was born... maybe you will be so lucky too!

That is really cool that you worked at a store that sold Ten-thousand villages merchandise! I could just oogle over all the handmade items there for hours! I bet you came away with heaps of neat things!! Good luck with the last few weeks (or hopefully less) of pregnancy. People say you miss the times before baby so enjoy it as much as possible, but I haven't missed it yet. :)

-Clare (Nick's wife)

LauraSuz said...

You seem to always find the good chick lit books. The last, and only, one I checked out was depressing as hell.

Have fun making cookies all day!

Sarah said...

Bring me cookies!!!