Sunday, October 14, 2007

Black Boogies

What a very fun and exhausting weekend! Friday night we ate a speedy dinner of beans and chicken sandwiches, then loaded up John Mooney's truck and drove out to the fort to set up the soap booth. It didn't take long at all--and Martin and John unloaded everything while Mrs. Schap and I went and did some pre-Feast shopping. We found and purchased some VERY cute pottery pieces. After setup Martin and I went on to Gracie's BIRTHDAY PARTY where she loved all her presents and happy face cake. I got some cute pictures.

Speaking of pictures--also on Friday night, Martin went to his mom's house to do a deep search for his Feast shoes which mysteriously went missing 2 years ago. He didn't find them, but he did find his good wool feast pants, some nice ties, a few cute shirts, and his digital camera! This digital camera includes pictures from TWO Thanksgivings ago, and Zita's 6-month bowl pictures!! Along with the digital camera came the memory of why the Zita pictures never made it OFF the camera.... the cord seems to have not been returned to the camera bag, so the pictures are stuck. His camera is a Canon, mine is a Nikon, so the cords don't match. But I promise, as soon as I find a cord that I can borrow or buy for that camera, I will get some good, but old, pictures on here.

So Friday night we went to bed late and woke up ridiculously early. We got gas station hot chocolate and coffee on the way out and started our weekend at the Feast!! Yaaay!! Lots of people worked at the soap booth this year--the Meek ladies came from Culver, AnnLaura, Aurelio and Alicia came down from Chicago, CJ was there... well, I can't remember who else showed up. But anyway, we made some devilishly good stew over the fire and I had a fabulous day sitting bundled in a quilt next to the fire, letting people tell me "wow, you're getting big!" and "not long to go!" and all those sorts of comments. I ate rabbit stew and loved every bite.

On Saturday night we went home to let Baxter out and got to doing other things at home so we missed the workers party, although we realized we didn't really care that we'd missed it. We went back out to sleep though, in the tiny little tent we borrowed from our neighbors, the Cooks, and for which Martin negotiated a trade for our first-born child. He loved the simplicity of the tent setup and take down, and we marveled at the fact that no matter how complicated your tent is to set up and take down, the hardest part is ALWAYS the task of getting it all back into that skinny bag. One of the great mysteries of the universe, I guess.

Sunday (today) was fun too. Home early to let Baxter out again, then back for morning set-up and mass, and it was another day of fun! This time we spent most of the day walking around and trying to spend our money. It didn't really work. Neither of us came home with much of anything--I got a few dried pretty things, but only spent a few dollars. Mostly we just ate ourselves silly!

And tonight we were both exhausted. We came home and took showers and then went next door to the Cook's where they fed us dessert and we gave them tea and we talked and talked until it was so late that I thought Martin would fall asleep on the road to Indianapolis.

...which is where he went tonight and will be for a few days before going from there down to Terre Haute for a few days, and coming back on Thursday. BUT, he just called and told me about the soaps and lotions in that hotel that he'll be bringing home for me, and YUM YUM!! I can't wait!! Orange Ginger! Citrus Spice!!

Tomorrow I will post pictures from the weekend and any more good details that I can remember from the weekend. It was a good one! But now I'm very sleepy.


Anne said...

I stopped by the soap booth to see you! But you weren't
I might be taking a walk your way with Charles soon though...if it doesn't rain. It looks rainyish to me.

Annie said...

That's because I'm a big slacker and spent much of my time away from the booth. Well, at least on Sunday. I hope you come by! It does look rainyish, doesn't it? It makes me not want to walk the dog. I've been gone for awhile though... I hope you haven't already come by and I missed you...