Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Weekend Over

When I was in school I always found Sundays enormously depressing. I got over it a little bit when I was in college and there wasn't a whole lot of difference between the weekdays and the weekends, although if you live downtown you realize a sort of spookiness that Sundays have down here when everything is deserted. But still, it never bothered me. Now, however, I'm back to finding Sundays really depressing. Every weekend the Holiday Inn parking lot is jam packed with all sorts of out-of-town cars; I like to look at all the different license plates and see where everyone's from. I assume that everyone staying in the hotel on the weekends are in town either for a football game or for a wedding and I think of what a fun weekend all those people are having. Even if it is annoying that the Holiday Inn doesn't provide adequate parking for their guests and so we lose all our street parking on Alabama Street, I still like the festive nature of the weekends around the hotel. But every Sunday, we walk the dog around the hotel and the lot is empty and there's no one around. Everyone's gone. Sometimes we see people coming out and loading their suitcases into their cars and driving off. It's really sad. And then we go home and Martin leaves for the week and that's really sad too. So once again, my Sundays are the most depressing day of my week.

I've been a little bit worried about Theodore these days. Yesterday he was throwing up a lot and that makes me nervous. He's really not much of a puker. He's only thrown up one time before and it wasn't all that long ago. I hope he's okay.

Mrs. Schap brought me a slice of pie tonight. This morning we all went to mass up at Monticello with Joe and Pat and John and Mrs. Schap, then Joe took us to the Trails for brunch afterward. That's my kind of breakfast place--they serve mashed potatoes and gravy as part of their brunch buffet!!! And you help yourself to your own orange juice, you don't even have to wait for a server. Talk about great! And then you get to choose from 3 different kind of pie!! The only other time we've been there was for my mom's birthday and that time Martin says they had chocolate marshmallows but I don't remember those and they didn't have them this time. Too bad, cause he got me all excited for them.

I finished Dinosaur's quilt! It's all done and waiting for him in the crib. Although, hopefully it's waiting for HER in the crib because the more I look at it the more it screams "FLORAL" which, obviously, would probably suit a girl best.

I emailed Mike Prangley to ask his opinion on full moons and labor and also asked him if the rainy system we're going to have this week will mean anything in relation to that. Hopefully this time he'll answer me. Last time I emailed him I never heard back. The weather this week is supposed to be absolutely fabulous--a chilly rain ALL WEEK!! My favorite weather!!!


Sarah said...

There were chocolate covered marshmallows last time -- you dipped them in the chocolate fountain. Christopher and Grace loved them. Kathy's Kandies has chocolate covered marshmallows too -- and she makes her own marshmallows!!

Anne said...

Annie, I suffer from Sunday evening depression, too. The awful dread of knowing I must go to work the next day and that nearly every moment of my time for the next five days is decided for me makes it quite difficult to enjoy Sunday evening. I'm a bear before I leave for work on Monday mornings, too. Just ask Peter!!!
I keep reminding myself that I won't hate Sunday evening time I may even come to enjoy it. You never know!