Friday, October 5, 2007

If you're leaky and you know it, clap your hands!

If you're leaky and you know it clap your hands
If you're leaky and you know it clap your hands!
If you're leaky and you know it, then your shirt will surely show it
If you're leaky and you know it... you don't need to do anything because the rest of the world can see for themselves.

I know it seems like I talk on and on and on about pregnancy as if I'm the first person in the universe to ever have a baby and that all this stuff is news to everybody. I know it's not. But I have never been pregnant before, and I just find it all so amusing. (p.s. Can you tell I recently found the italics and bold font buttons for posting?) So I'm sorry if I annoy anyone and everyone with my constant pregnancy posting. I just can't help it though. I am constantly amazed by the utter weirdness of this state.

Surprise! My brother is in town with his friend Bill. They got in last night just after a long escapade involving a different kind of milk. Tara's husband Doug left for Boston yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon they got in a little car wreck and now they can't drive their car. Even if they could drive their car, the driver's side door doesn't open. I asked Martin later why the bad stuff always happens as soon as the husband leaves, and he told me it doesn't really. It happens all the time but you don't notice it until it happens when the husband is gone because everything is easier to take on as a team. So anyway, I asked Tara if she needed anything and she said the only thing she might need is milk because they were almost out. Well, oddly enough, Hugs, the neighbor on the other side of us, had just asked us for milk earlier that day, not for lack of vehicle reasons but for lack of money reasons. So Tara said that if I went to get the milk, she'd pay for milk for Hugs as well. After this milk conversation, Martin was craving milk so he drank a bunch and then WE needed milk too!!! So we went to the store last night and got 7 half gallons of milk (on sale!); four white whole milks, one white 2% milk and two white chocolate milks. Then we brought it home and delivered it to the neighbors. It was pretty funny. Just as funny was that Martin insisted on double bagging each individual half gallon so that we'd have lots of poo-poo bags for Baxter walks. We weren't sure if the fact that we were basically stealing grocery bags negated our good deed toward our neighbors or not. Probably it did.

Ben and Bill got to our house just as we got home with the milk. I fed Ben some vegetable soup and they'll be sleeping on the floor in the big back room until they decide to go home! Good thing we have so much floor space!

I had THE CUTEST DREAM this morning. So Ben wanted to wake up at 7:00, so I went down and woke him up and he wanted 15 more minutes so I went back up to my own bed where I heard this weird scratching noise at the window. I thought it was Theodore but Theodore wasn't there. I looked outside and the raccoon was back! But I wasn't expecting to see it and I was right there at the screen when I did, so I jumped and might have made kind of a little noise or something, and scared him away. Okay, wait, just to clarify, the things I just wrote actually happened. But then I fell back asleep (after calling Martin to tell him the raccoon had come back!) and had this adorable dream where these animals were coming in through our screen to live with us. One was a friendly raccoon and one was a super adorable white anteater with black spots. he was so soft and snuggly and he slept in my bed with me. I loved that dream.

Every year I try to plan out the clothes I'll wear on my birthday with great precision and care. Usually it's easy; since it's the beginning of fall I usually have lots to choose from that all feels new again. But this year since it's going to be ninety-zillion degrees out on my birthday, I don't know what I'll do for clothes!!!! I'm kind of bummed out about this.

Yesterday was the feast of St. Francis, my favorite saint ever. I missed the transitus on Wednsesday because I'm a moron. Oh well, maybe next year I won't be so forgetful.

I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO COLD WEATHER!! (which is coming... next week!)


Anonymous said...

I have my central air on. This is the most depressing October ever. When did you say the cold weather is coming????


Jill said...

Yeah, Virginia is still a steambath, too.

I loved your little ditty, too...though actually that never happened to me until after the babies came. But it is so weird what pregnancy does to you body, isn't it? I was constantly surprised at how much happened that no one warned me about! But I guess that was a good thing, in retrospect.

LauraSuz said...

Yep, you looked adorable at mass today!