Monday, October 22, 2007

The Drugstore Wars

I don't understand why the drugstores are all building new drugstores next door to their competitors. There's a new Walgreens on 4th street, right next to CVS. And the Payless pharmacy is just across the street from them both. I don't get it? Well, whatever. I don't go to drugstores very often so it doesn't really have anything to do with me. And I don't intend on starting my own drugstore anytime in my life, so I guess I shouldn't let their little battles annoy me.

I had a doctor appointment this morning; I like my doctor so much. He's so chatty! He was, in my opinion, waaay more impressed than he should've been by the fact that I wrote out my birth plan by hand. But he was happy with it and is going to make copies of it and send it over to Labor & Delivery. He also is a believer in full moons when it comes to labor. He says there are no studies to prove it but if you've been a doctor for long enough you'll believe it. And he said that it would be best if dinosaur could stay in for a few more weeks, but it wouldn't really matter if he were born this weekend on the full moon. Also, he's 42 years old!!! I had NO idea!! Martin and I both thought he was about 30, he looks SO young. But, he's not.

Here is the sling!! Please ignore the skin that I didn't know was showing in the picture. Obviously the thing will fit better without the belly, and it will also look better when there is a baby in it instead of a cat, but you get the general idea. Also, I guess you can't really see the prettiness of the print. Well, just trust me: it's a VERY cute sling.

I've spent a lot of money so far this morning. I've just purchased from iTunes the newest Kate Rusby album, and before that I bought a nursing bra, so I might say I've got everything I need for Franja now! That's a good feeling. Of course, there are really a lot more things I need, for instance a changing pad for the dresser, and to bring my rocker over from my parents house, but whatever. Every time I get something else done I feel a little bit more prepared. Not that I'll BE prepared when the time comes... because seriously, when have I ever been prepared for anything? I'm not exactly what people would classify as a "planner."
And here is my table arrangement with the sweet annie on the dining room table. It's a little fuzzy because I'm not very good at keeping still to take pictures.

I think I'll go to the grocery store. But one more picture: My big giant belly at 35 weeks (and a few days.) If you look closely you can see my very sticky-outie belly button. Also, the grey sweater is the Goodwill sweater I got a couple of weeks ago that I love so much. Again, it's fuzzy, but you get the general idea of my hugeness.


Annie said...

Okay, so I just realized you can click on the sling picture to make it very big and then you can see the print. And yes--those really are Easter baskets in the background. And yes--they've been there since Easter.

LauraSuz said...

I like your table setting...very cute!

Sarah said...

I bought some really pretty fabric to make you a wrap . . . I guess it's Anna's lucky day!

Anne said...

I like the sling!!

Annie said...

WhatEVER! Didn't you see my comment on [one blog or another] about how one can never have too many slings?!? They are FASHION ACCESSORIES. HelLOOO!! Besides, I think I know what fabric you're talking about (because I was with you when you bought it and you aren't a very good liar) and I LOVED it, and I just had assumed that you lost it or something. *sniff sniff*

Of course, maybe I shouldn't be so selfish. Maybe I should encourage you to give it to Anna. That's what a nice person would do. But it really isn't want I want to do.

anna said...

Annie I know what Easter baskets you are talking about! That is too funny!!!!

Your table setting is simply magnificent,
as is your sling.

. . . . And one can never really own too many slings.

Jill said...

I just clicked on the picture and discovered that I have the exact same maternity shirt! I love the sling too.
Maybe I am just retarded but I can never get my sling to work right. It seems like my baby is either too small and will fall out, or too large and the sling won't fit. Maybe I'm just putting it on wrong. or,...maybe i am in fact a sling retard. So I just admire them from afar.

Sarah said...

Isn't that the cutest shirt?!! I am glad I am prego again just for that shirt. And all the other (many!) cute things Annie has gotten!!

Annie said...

I'm telling you, Once Upon a Child is a goldmine! And you never have to feel guilty for shopping there, because it's like Goodwill--you're spending a couple dollars on something FABULOUS.

However, that red shirt IS one of the cutie-est things in my closet right now. It might even make me miss being pregnant....

Anonymous said...

About the moon.....your Grandpa Hatke was someone who believed in what side of the moon it was. Above ground crops were planted on one side of the moon, underground crops on the other side. I never did understand all of that, but he did. One time I said to someone that daddy did everything by the moon. Their response was, "You mean that you are a moon child?" Maybe I am.
Grannie Annie