Sunday, October 7, 2007

Alone Again

Last Sunday after a fun weekend, Joannie, Perkins and Martin all went home to their own places and I was left alone with Baxter and Theodore. This Sunday Martin left again as well as Ben and Bill, our weekend guests. Booo! But it was SUCH a great weekend. And it was good to have Ben and Bill as guests in our house (our first long-term house guests!) because they didn't mind the messiness and dirtiness and the dog and cat running around. In fact, they said our house was CLEAN!! The only thing that was supposed to happen that didn't while they were here is I was was supposed to play a song for Ben before he left, and then I forgot. Whoops! But it was a good weekend.

Today between church and Martin's taking off, we went for ice cream with Mrs. Schap and John Mooney. Mrs. Schap gave me a birthday present that was really from Baxter--a wonderful old quilt! My favorite part of it is the stripey homespun backing. Loooove it.

Okay, so I know you're all going to roll your eyes at me, and believe me, I rolled my own eyes at my own self when I pulled this DVD off the library shelf and actually kept it with me until I was up at the counter... but I got "In Her Shoes" last week, and watched it... twice. Now, I didn't mind the movie so much. It was cute, it had good (although typical) side characters and even though it was an all-around predictable and stupid chick flick, what made me angry was the chick LIT book on which it was based. Which is, (STOP JUDGING ME!!!) written by Jennifer Weiner. The same lame-o author who wrote the past two or three chick lit books I've read and complained on and on and on about. And this is where I start complaining again, about the movie eventually, but first about the book.

They're all the same. I don't know how many books this woman has written, maybe six? But they're all the same. I mean, the plot lines aren't anything alike, but the characters are all exactly the same. The main character is always an overweight, funny, successful jewish woman who has real issues with her weight, yet scoffs at the idea of exercise and also has a terrible relationship with one of her mother figures. Always, ALWAYS the best friend of the overweight main character is a skinny, slutty, carefree girl, pretty much the opposite of the main character herself. Her male characters are generally pretty flat. They're either nice or sleazy, and that's about all there is to them.

What bothered me about the movie, knowing that it was based on a Jennifer Weiner book and knowing what her books are like, is that it TRIED to portray the story the way it is--that the fat girl wins. The fat girl has this handsome guy fall head over heels in love with her, despite her outside appearance and the eye candy competition that is always lurking around in the form of the "fat" girl's best friend. It's like that in all her books. But what really makes me mad about the movie, knowing all that, is that they cast the "fat" girl as a perfectly normal sized girl (the mom in "Little Miss Sunshine" and also the mom in "About A Boy") next to Cameron Diaz. Why did Jennifer Weiner allow this? It totally slashes the whole point of the story. I mean, not the main point of the story, but that aspect of the character's story. Grrr. Why do I waste my time with this crap anyway though? GEEmiNEE.

Anyway, enough of that rant. I finished one arm of my teddy bear. That makes a head, two ears, a tummy, one arm and two paw pads. My week is going to be somewhat busy (which is good because it'll go by fast, and then this weekend is the Feast!!!) but maybe I'll get the other arm done and start on the legs?

I am soooo excited for the Feast, but before that, we get the excitement of the big weather change!!! HIGH OF 58 ON WEDNESDAY!!!!! I am soooooo excited. Excited to wear my new grey Goodwill sweater and my new brown birthday shoes... and those might be the only things I can wear in the cold weather. I think I have a total of two long sleeved maternity shirts. And next week I'm going to buy pumpkins for the porch!! I'm so glad the fall weather is on its way!


LauraSuz said...

I went to Goodwill this weekend and found nothing. Do you know the "good" day to go there?

Anne said...

Peter was going around yesterday telling everyone was saw that the forecasted high was for 58. You guys crack me up!

Anne said...

that's supposed to be "everyone WE saw"

Annie said...

Laura: I don't know the "good" Goodwill days. I don't know if there is one--unless you're a senior citizen, and then Wednesday is your lucky day. But we both have awhile for that. I know that they get the Target overstocks, but I don't know WHEN they get them. Do you go to the Lafayette or the West Lafayette Goodwill? I tend to have better finds at the West Side one.

Anne: WOOHOO!!! Peter and I are meteorological soulmates. Of course, now they've changed the forecast, and the high is now 62. Bummer. But Thursday looks great--high of 61 and rainy!!! Perfect fall!!