Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Quick Post

I'd like to call your attention to the new poll at the bottom of my blog page, as well as a new link in my list of friends' blogs. You won't be disappointed with this one!

Our cat is so stinky. He has some litter box issues, the biggest being that since he has no hands, he can't wipe. It's pretty gross because he walks around all day every day with a really poopy behind. Sometimes I find little poo spots in random places in the house where he's been sitting. It's really kind of nasty. And sometimes when he comes up on my lap to cuddle me I have to put him back on the floor because he smells so bad. His other litter box issue which is much more annoying to Martin these days than it is for me because Martin is the one who has to clean out the litter box (and everything around it) is that if it gets too full (which it does, since Martin cleans the litter box and Martin is only home 3 days a week) he just poos on the floor next to the litter box. When he first started this trick, he'd hide it behind the sink, but since then he's become much more vocal and just goes right beside the box. He is a spoiled cat. A very spoiled cat.

And now this personal message goes out to my sister, in case she doesn't read the comments on her own blog:

Dear Sarah,
YOU ARE A BIG NERD. You never called me about the date night to The Godfather, and when I tried to call you (surprise surprise!) nobody answered. I called Mama's house looking for you as well, and no one answered there either.

Also, I went to buy your birthday present, which was going to be this funny book I had seen, but then I started reading it, and it really wasn't very funny at all. It was kind of boring and lame. So I didn't buy it for you after all, and I'll just have to get you something cool at the Feast. But I still have your birthday card in the back of my car and also in the back of my car is the tray from my diaper cake. Maybe if you weren't such a big nerd you'd get these things delivered to you.

From, Annie

Now if anyone goes to that new blog link you'll all be happy to discover that this stupid summer weather pattern is drawing to a close. Well, eventually. They are predicting a wet November, which is just how I like my Novembers. Yay!

My dad and I went out to lunch today; we went to Khana Khazana, and it was deeelicious!

Mrs. Schap stopped by this evening and brought with her a sleeper for the bebe, which is green and fuzzy and has on it one little embroidered... DINOSAUR!!!! It is too cute!

And let's not forget the importance of this Saturday which is MY BIRTHDAY. I'll be 24 years old. That means I'm two dozen years old. I'm hoping someone gets me one of those oversized cartons of eggs for my birthday to symbolize my age.

So here's something kind of silly: I've gone my entire life believing that my birthday was EXACTLY two weeks after my sister's birthday, when in fact, it's two weeks and a day. What a bummer! It took me 24 years and a husband who can count to figure that one out. Do I feel stupid? Yeah, a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Annie: Again it would not take my vote. Why does your blog hate me?
Be that as it may, I think you will have a boy....although it could be a stegasaurus.
Love, mama

LauraSuz said...

That is by far the cutest ticker I've ever seen!

Annie said...

I don't know why it won't take your comments. Is it because you are an anonymous poster? Maybe you should just break down and start your own blog. I think would be a good one. They're SO easy to set up, and, obviously, SO WORTH IT!!!

Joannie said...

I like the fact that Mike Prangley's daughters are complaining because they can't wear their fall clothes. Since I complain about that daily, I'm glad I'm not alone.

Laura, a really cool friend told Annie about that ticker.

Your posts confirms the belief I've always held ... that cats are gross.

Joannie said...

Oh, you were right when you said he's spoiled, too. I mean, what if a DOG just pooped in your house?! Granted, some dogs do -- and everyone agrees it's the WRONG thing for a dog to do. So why do cats somehow get away with it!?

Okay, I'm off my cat rant. ; )