Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things Pregnant Girls Don't Want to Hear

We all know how annoying it is to be told how big you are, or that you look like you're ready to pop any time--(yesterday I was getting a Subway sandwich and the man working said, "the timer says you're about done." It took me a minute to figure out a.) that he was talking to me, and b.) what the heck he meant.)--but there are other sensitive topics that really shouldn't be mentioned until maybe later. Or maybe not at all, if you are a complete stranger as the clerk at Motherhood today was. I know she was only meaning to be helpful, but when she asked if I was using sleep bras and I said no and told her I never felt I needed them and now I only had about 4 weeks left so I didn't see any point in buying one, she proceeded to tell me that a lot of women use them to help with "the sagging and the stretch marks." Gee, thanks, lady. I'm sure every 24-year-old first-time mom wants to hear about how her perky boobs are about to be a thing of the past. Geeminee.

I am loving this new Kate Rusby album.

The L.L.Bean Holiday catalogue came today. One the one hand I LOOOOVE getting the L.L.Bean catalogues. On the other hand, I a little bit hate it. I love their stuff, but at the same time it always makes me wish for a life I don't have. When Martin retires I think we'll move to a cabin in Maine and buy all our clothes from L.L.Bean and hang very green and leafy christmas wreathes all over our cabin. And we'll have lots of dogs who are not wheaten terriers.

I think the baby has dropped, or is dropping. That doesn't really mean a darn thing, does it? But suddenly my hips feel achey and I'm being tickled on my hip bones (or pelvic bones? Are they the same thing?) which is a VERY weird sensation.

So I don't know if I've posted this before but sometimes Martin and I have "Ugly Sweater Dates" when we put on our ugliest sweaters and go out for coffee together. Okay, we might have only done it once, but it's one of those things that we always talk about so it feels like it's something we do all the time. Well anyway, we're really looking forward to our first "Schap Family Ugly Sweater Night" when we will put Dinosaur in some ugly sweater and we'll all go out together. Not that we HAVE an ugly sweater for dinosaur yet, but Martin asked me this morning if I'd been looking for one. Which I have... but I have yet to find a perfect one.


anna said...

Annie, I know just what you mean. Every once in a while, Ben and I think we should just forget about everything and buy a cabin in Maine way out in the middle of nowhere and breath fresh pine air.

Another thing (in addition to the LL Bean catalogue that makes you want to do this is the movie "white Chritsmas."

Oh and those comments are so annoying. I hate that all the Motherhood clerks are perky tiny teenage girls too, okay well some of them.

Anne said...

I used to work at Motherhood...she just said that because she was trying to make her 3-items-and-$30/sale stats! They always made us ask if the lady needed a bra or chapstick...whatever stuff they had around the counter.

Aside from the stats, I really, really enjoyed working there. All the cute prego ladies...all the lovely maternity clothing...

But the stats were a big thing, and I'm no salesman - so I quit.

One time I had to help this Chinese lady fit a bra. If your worried about your boobs from her comment, you should've seen this woman! It quite literally scared the crap out of me. As I reflect now, I imagine the poor lady was extremely engorged and in much pain and not able to communicate with me. Poor thing. It was still a scary sight to a young non-mother!

Anne said...

*I meant if "you're" as in "you are" - oops! I was typing too fast.

Annie said...

You're right, "White Christmas" does that to me too. But I don't watch that movie as much as I recieve the L.L.Bean catalogues in my mailbox. And this motherhood clerk was not a perky tiny teenage girl... she was a perky tiny middle-aged woman!!! In a REALLY cute and slim-fitting sweater!!!

I forgot that you used to work there!!!! And for the rest of your comment I laughed and laughed and then thought about that one time when you made that kegels comment on Monica's blog and I started laughing more. Whew! I think I got a good tummy workout just then!