Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Rat: An Update

Turns out the big event wasn't so big after all. I called the vet this morning and the nice lady told me to congratulate Baxter a lot for doing his job so well and that since there was no blood he probably wasn't really eating it, and since he killed it like that the rat probably didn't bite him. She said the biggest threat was fleas, and if he HAD actually eaten any of it, maybe a case of worms. So I threw the rat coffin in the garbage and now the exciting story is over. Baxter did a good job of cleaning himself off in the night and he's acting completely normal. However, when I described the rat to Martin as being about the size of a big chipmunk, Martin said that's probably not a baby rat, just a not very huge rat. He said he'd been thinking a pink furless rat when I said "baby" but in reality this guy was very ratlike and hairy. Just kind of small for what I had imagined a rat to look like. I'd never seen a real rat before last night.

Anne asked for pictures of the bear, but it's too early for pictures yet because the pieces have to be held together to be recognized as body parts, and I don't have enough hands to hold the pieces together and take the picture. However, sick as it might be, I did take a video of my active belly that I might try to post sometime. For now though:



LauraSuz said...

Who's Howard?!

Annie said...

Howard was my pet duck that I had when I lived in the upstairs of my sister's house. He was a good pet. The picture of him there is at a bonfire we went to together at Colin's house. Howard was very social. He was a wonderful duck.

Joannie said...
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Joannie said...

A wonderful duck... who thought he was a person. Or a dog. Or a mallard. So he had identity issues, but he was a good duck.

I never actually met Howard -- isn't that hard to believe?

(If I make a mistake in a comment, I can't go back and fix it, can I? I just have to delete it and then it sits there and looks all suspicious? Oh well, it makes the comment page interesting and mysterious, I suppose. Or maybe only I can see that it has been deleted. Hm...)

Annie said...

Hahaha!! So before I read your comment, Joannie, I sat for a few long seconds wondering who had written something inappropriate or mean on my post and then changed their mind about it. HA!! I couldn't imagine what anyone could say about my precious Howard! But then I read your comment. And it was you. Hee hee hee!

But to answer your question... I have no idea. I've never tried to change a comment.