Monday, October 29, 2007

Why, God, Why?

In a few weeks, about the time Dinosaur get here, we'll be back to being a one-car family. This is nothing but a GOOD development. So far in the 10 months we've been married I've ruined the brakes twice and this morning I backed into someone in a parking lot. What is wrong with me?! When did I become such a bad driver? We had to have the brakes on the Malibu replaced over the summer and now I've been the Malibu's primary driver for the past 6 weeks. And the brakes are going again. This morning I was just backing out of my spot in the parking lot at the doctors office and I rammed into this car parked in the row behind me. Well, okay, I didn't exactly ram it--I just bumped it and then wondered why I couldn't back up any more. It's not like I'm not careful--I'm SUPER careful about backing out of parking spaces since the last time I hit someone's car when I was backing out. But that was just some hunk-o-junk in the Ivy Tech parking lot--this was a hybrid. I WAS using my mirrors--I just didn't see it. (Obviously.) And poor Martin doesn't even get mad, he just takes it all in stride. Well, he takes the brakes in stride... he doesn't know about the incident of this morning yet. Gosh, I hope he doesn't randomly decide to read my blog before returning my phone call...

So I think it's best that I take some tips from my Grandma Snoopy and just give up driving all together. Obviously it is not a talent that I have.

Okay, so since I have no clue who this lady is, I'm going to talk about her. Yesterday was the annual Fall Party at my Uncle Johnny's and there's this lady who comes and I finally remembered her from last year and then remembered that she's a little bit crazy. What made me remember her nutiness was when she started telling me how in love with my OB I'll become and that I'll think of him as God. (Not to mention she obviously thinks Dr. Genaris is a hottie.) I didn't really know what to say. She even told Martin not to worry, it's just what happens. Well gosh, lady... I think my doctor is a nice guy and I trust him... but I wouldn't really say I'm in love with him or that I even think of him as anything more than a nice guy. And as for the hottie-factor, I think he's cute in the way I think Turgay is cute... in a cute fuzzy pet kind of way. This lady also told me that Dr. Genaris is the father of quadruplets, which I thought was very interesting so of course I asked him about it this morning. Boy, he got a kick out of that. He's got twins, and he has four children, but no quadruplets. Crazy lady.

I'm so bummed about the car thing. And at 8:45 in the morning! And I had been so happy after my appointment!! Well, I guess it's a stereotypical Monday.

P.S. The baby has indeed dropped, and evidently that big pointy bump that's always moving from side to side inside my abdomen is a baby rumpus. Good to know he's in the right spot!


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh. That lady is SO crazy! She was telling me how she thinks Cat Stevens is a hottie because he looks like Jesus! Now, I love Jesus, but I've never really placed Him in the "hottie" catagory. I mean . . . that's just a little weird. Having a crush on Jesus??

Annie said...

Wow. Do you remember last year how she was so giggly and telling us that everything was better with a little vodka in it, or something like that? And wow... I would consider neither Jesus NOR Cat Stevens a "hottie." Ha! What a nut!! I'm a little bit jealous that you got to stay and talk to her longer.

Anonymous said...

I know Jesus is dead....isn't Cat Stevens dead, too?
In case you didn't notice that nutty lady was getting on my nerves,too, so I just left and went for a walk. I've had three obstetricians and I sure didn't think any of them was a god, a "hottie", or even cute....Dr. Potts???? In my mind, they are a necessary evil....if you can even stand them you should consider yourself lucky. And there were times when I wasn't lucky. Oh, yes, that would be all three times.
It does sound like yours is at least pleasant and likable, though, Annie. So you are lucky!

Sarah said...

According to the crazy lady, Cat Stevens is alive, well, and hot. But I guess he became a Mormon, so he wasn't singing for a while?? That's what she said anyway.

Annie said...

Yeah, and didn't he change his name and devote himself to Islam or something? He got arrested in an airport once, not long ago... didn't he? And he has some long Islamic name.

I have a feeling this "bloggersation" of ours is making us all sound REALLY stupid.

But seriously, who is that woman? And why is she always at our family fall party?

Sarah said...

Wow, you sure know a lot about Cat Stevens. Aren't you a nerd.

Her husband was the real estate agent who sold Uncle Johnny the property.

Btw, I have my Dr. appt. Dr. Genaris is great, but not even remotely attractive.

Annie said...

Not even in a cedar-chip spinning plastic wheel kind of way? I'd keep him in a cage and love him if he could fit in the palm of my hand. However, I don't think I'd pin up posters of him in my room and kiss them every night. But I'm glad you like him! Isn't he so nice? I told him at my appointment this morning that you'd be coming in this afternoon.

Sarah said...

I am such a loser! I totally forgot to tel him I am your sister!