Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gummy Bears for Breakfast

I knew this morning that I married the right guy when I dropped the fingernail clippers in the toilet and didn't even have to ask him to come fish them out for me.

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day! Unfortunately, we'd left the Snugli carrier in the car after the weekend so I wasn't able to take a walk with Karenin, but I WAS able to use our fancy new stroller and take a little stroll up and down Main Street with Anja! She loved it. She wore her pink and green plaid sunhat too. We saw Laura outside her place of employment and then we saw Kim on the sidewalk. It was a very nice walk.

When Martin got home from work we ate dinner right away and then we all went for another walk! It was such a beautiful evening, we couldn't pass up the opportunity, especially since, with two of us, Karenin can always come along. We just went up 6th Street to Kossuth and back down on 7th. Not a very far walk, but it was really nice anyway.

I see that Anja's new talent of rolling over might become problematic for her. Last night I put her to bed and a little while later we heard this funny noise over the monitor and then she started crying. I went upstairs and she had turned over and was lying flat on her face crying. It was hilarious! I picked her up and she immediately fell back asleep and didn't have any more rolling over incidents for the rest of the night. It wouldn't be anything to worry about except that she hates being on her stomach so much.

Martin is in Evansville today. He had to pick his college car up at 8:00 so we had to get up reeeaaally early in order to all get ready and get down there on time; he had to leave right away too because he had a school visit down there at 11:00. Anja slept until we left, so we just put her in the car and let her keep sleeping. Now she's still in her pajamas, wiggling around on the floor and screeching. She's kind of like Karenin... about once a day or so she gets the equivelent of Karenin's "zoomies" where she gets really hyper and start screeching and kicking her legs wildly and stuff. She's so happy! Anyway, that's what she's doing now.

Martin got me a present! He got me a Wabash Nalgene bottle that says "Refill not Landfill" on one side and Wabash College on the other. It's really cute!! Supposedly it's green... you know, as in BEING green.... but it looks yellow to me. Which is fine because I already have a dark green Nalgene and this yellow one is super cute.

Last night we went to Target to do the grocery/paper towels shopping. We go through a lot of paper towels now that we have a potty training puppy. Also, we prefer Target brand diapers and we were completely out!! Anyway, we got our groceries and then got some coffee there. I ordered the coffee and waited while Martin and Anja went back to the electronics to find a phone charger (because Karenin ate Martin's) and when they came back, Martino had bought for me TWO special milk-free chocolate bars and a package of gummy bears for me!!! Hence the title, Gummy Bears for Breakfast.

I really need to be better about cutting Anja's fingernails. They get so long and she scratches her face up and it's sad.

Anyway. That's it for today. I think Anja will have a bath today. I'm wearing the softest grey sweater in the world.

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