Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Life

If I didn't have my life... I would totally want it.

I was thinking about it yesterday when we took our awesome baby and our awesome dog on a wonderfully fabulous walk over to Vienna and back. We used the new stroller which was SO worth the money, I can't even describe how great it is. Such a smooth ride, sooooo easy to steer... I walked the entire way home from Vienna pushing the stroller with one hand and carrying a cup of coffee in the other and had no problems! It's amazing! And of course, Anja loved the walk. Karenin liked it too, but I think it was a little too busy over on campus for her... she got a little freaked out.

GREAT NEWS!!! The West Lafayette Police Department is starting another hiring process, and Martin is applying! I have high hopes this time around. Last time with West Lafayette he got through everything and finally got cut at the Merit Commission and this time around I think he'll do much better with them, considering he now has a baby girl. He's going to stock his wallet full of photos of Anja. He calls the Merit Commission part the "Mr. Rogers Portion" of the process. The other interview, with the policemen, is called the "John Wayne Portion." Last time he did great being John Wayne, not so great being Mr. Rogers. This time around, he'll whoop 'em all.

Laura's bridal shower was fun! I feel so much less awkward at bridal/baby showers now that I am married and have a baby. Well, the baby stuff wouldn't matter so much, I don't think... but I always felt so incredibly awkward at showers, like people were pitying me for being the spinster of the family. Now I go to them and actually enjoy being there! Especially since they are not thrown for me!!!!! I hated my bridal showers. I hated being the center of attention. Yesterday they played the "All About Dan" game, just like at my shower they played the "All About Martin" game. That was terrible. I remember being so humiliated that I didn't know any of the answers and it looked like I didn't know anything about this guy I was about to marry. I was glad when Laura got so many answers wrong too. I can't know for sure, but it looked like she took it a lot better than I did. She didn't seem embarrassed one bit! And good for her.... ugh, I hated that game.

Today we are going hiking! Not very hardcore.... I think we're going to go to Battleground or Prophetstown. We WERE going to do the Heritage Trail, but then we figured it'll be flooded. So this afternoon (in about 10 minutes) we're going over to Happy Hollow Park with Karenin to meet up with TusaRebecca and Baxter. The dogs will get to play and we'll get to be in the sunshine. Then we'll hang out with Matt Aiken for a bit, and go on to whichever trail we choose later in the afternoon when it's warmer.

Pictures of the weekend to be posted later!


M LO said...

It was nice to see you and your lovely daughter at the shower!

Anne said...

Yes, it sure was. And you didn't even mention how perfect Anja was at the shower - slept through the first half and was happy as a clam for the second part!!